Friendly reminder that "free speech" is about the *principles* of free speech.

Anything, anywhere, anytime is not a principle. It's a society-destroying extremist position when considering things like classified information, inciting violence, payola (and other false flag equivalents), verbal violence directed at children, slander & libel, and the list goes on and on.

Principles are what lead to restrictions under certain contexts in order to build a better society. Disagreeing on "better" is expected.

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caps; sarcasm Show more

> Goes to URL bar in Chrome
> types "google"
> clicks "" result
> types "gmail" into search box
> clicks "" result

racist site mention Show more

@somarasu Don't forget this is IE5 with every toolbar installed for AskJeeves, etc.

terribly racist tech joke Show more

@somarasu Wow, I had totally forgotten about BonziBuddy!

I don't think I can keep this level of banter up, your wit beats mine.

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