Do the British drink Twinnings brand of tea? I know nothing about teas and tea brands and the wife kind of bought 5 different boxes so we can try to incorporate tea in our lives.

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@cj never realized I was doing the same thing, lol

@cj In ZΓΌrich I buy tea at La Cucina, online at
I used to buy tea at Globus and Jelmoli, and I have mail-ordered from and, and I would have bought from but it just isn’t nearby.
I’m also nearly out of tea and expect to make a bigger purchase after Christmas. If you want to come over for tea tasting? 🍡

@kensanata I told the wife about this and she said "yeah!" excitedly. She may be lost browsing the La Cucina site now, haha.

@cj I would take up @kensanata 's offer. I am not familiar with twinings' full offer, but if you bought English Breakfast or derivatives, you will really want to try something that's not "tea dust".

@cj I’m British, so raise my hand as an expert source for this question. Yes, we do drink Twinings.

@jamie Thanks for confirming. I was raised in the American South, so the only "tea" I really ever had was sweet tea which is 99% sugar. I guess I am also not yet used to the fact that in Europe, buying something that says "a London company" means it is the real deal, not the "actually-made-in-America-watered-down-so-the-American-market-can-handle-it" deal.

@cj @jamie I think I also got started on tea drinking after buying a set of boxes from Twinings: English Breakfast, Early Grey, Irish Breakfast, Gunpowder, and Jasmin, I think?

@cj Another data point from a Brit for you: yes, we do drink Twinings πŸ˜€ It's a common "everyday tea" brand along with Tetley, PG Tips and (my fave) Yorkshire Tea.

Don't believe their marketing that they're some kind of fancy tea, they're not 😁

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