Christopher Bowes of Alestorm (Scottish Pirate Heavy Metal) made a joke song about his plate of beans, to make fun of his label. It sounds like a Parry Gripp song. And Napalm Records sanctioned it, lol.

CHRISTOPHER BOWES AND HIS PLATE OF BEANS - Midnight Breakfast | Napalm Records


BUT -- Chris' story about his plate of beans, I think there's more to this story than meets the eye.

You see, Chris is really good friends with Jake (who I know), who is lead singer/guitarist for Aether Realm. They're really close; they had a European tour together (I got to see them both in Switzerland).

Well, the announcement Aether Realm got signed to Napalm Records the day before (19th) Chris' initial joke video went out (20th), so maybe it's really a joke on Jake and Aether Realm getting signed?

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Finally, another supporting piece of evidence:

- An aether realm band member is allergic to legumes
- Chris' new band is a legume

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