Still no documentation and not anywhere close to done, but my library is open source at

My goal is to provide a well-tested, flexible library that handles the complicated parts of ActivityPub (JSON-LD, persistence, addressing, etc.) in a way that can be plugged into an existing PHP codebase with no hassle. That'll help me refactor , and will also make it easy for other developers to make developers to make plugins for Joomla, Drupal, etc.

@jdormit Will it also support the #LitePub variant of #ActivityPub that one of the #Pleroma devs is creating?


Probably not - is LitePub supposed to be compatible with ActivityPub? I want to support the standard that other people will implement

@jdormit Yes, I believe LP is a slimmed down profile of AP. You'd probably have to ask Kaniini to be sure.

@lnxw37d2 Well, as long as it's compatible than apps built with my library will be able to federate with LitePub, I guess. I'm going to stick with the W3C spec on my end.

@jdormit @lnxw37d2 sticking to the w3c spec means not federating with anyone, though.
@jdormit @lnxw37d2 w3c spec doesn't include any signing mechanism or webfinger, both of which are needed to have any widespread federation

@lain @jdormit @lnxw37d2 W3C spec doesn't solve the discovery problem, which is what webfinger solves. Sticking to the ActivityPub spec means you could federate with anyone, but no one knows how to find you.

@lain @cj @lnxw37d2 @jdormit I think it won't accept anything from servers and they'll fail with a validation thing if there's no webfinger, that's what I had when WF was broken

@vaartis @lain @jdormit @lnxw37d2 Can also confirm when testing with go-fed, Mastodon requires webfinger.

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