New as my previous instance died:

eng by education, software eng by job title. Expertise is in ++ and . I implemented in Go. I enjoy and music. From but live in . I enjoy politics but not the current partisan BS. Avid fan of video games like and but have little time to play. I enjoy with and am learning . I like writing letters to my friends. I enjoy novels.

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@cj Welcome to your new instance! Let's hope it doesn't also die 😁

@ckarner Thanks! I hope lives a long and prosperous life. I am grateful for all the admins' hard work already done and yet to be done.

@cj I hope so too. But if this one dies too, it's time for an own instance 😁
I'm quite new to Mastodon in general, but I'm also very delighted with the concept, the community and the admins of course.

@cj @ckarner This instance seems quite stable, I've been here over a year now, no drama, no weird outages, etc.
@ashfurrow keeps the gears clean and running smoothly.

I do have my own pleroma instance for my completely non-tech discussions. It's certainly not uncommon for people to have multiple accounts.

@shatteredgears Glad to hear this is a squeaky clean instance! And thanks for the suggestion of having multiple accounts to help keep some coherent/redundant identity. I just prefer having one Mastodon account. I will eventually be using my own blog as another ActivityPub fediverse account. That is, whenever I work up the effort to get incorporated into a simple site.

@cj Hey there, what sort of sci fi novels have you read recently?

@GodLivesUnderwater Hi! So far in 2018 the books I have read are (not all are sci fi):

- The Dispossessed (Le Guin)
- Catch 22 (Heller)
- Clockwork Orange (Burgess)
- Brave New World (Huxley)
- Stranger In A Strange Land (Heinlein)
- Three Body Problem (Cixin)

Currently reading The Dark Forest (Cixin), second in the trilogy.

@GodLivesUnderwater I enjoyed it, which isn't surprising since I had a little more context of what to expect from Le Guin after reading Left Hand of Darkness (several years ago). I like seeing the cultures that are crafted and in particular I enjoyed seeing a glimpse of work that had obvious parallels to the communism vs capitalism politics of it's time without being Orwell-level blunt/bland/obvious. I really appreciate the exploration of different kinds of societies.

@cj Good to hear! I recently got it from my local book depot and I've been really looking foward to getting into it. And thats good to hear that its a bit more subtle politically because if I know anything about Ursula, its quite clear to see where she stands on communism vs capitalism :p

@cj hi!

That's cool 🙂

I really like #math and have a weird love for #java (I'm a software developer)

Do you mind me asking what you're up to in Zurich?

@767 Hey! Glad to hear you're into mathematics and Java! Do you do computational math in Java? If so, I find that surprising!

I am in Zurich for work, and plan to be here for 5 years before reevaluating and deciding to stay another 5 years or move elsewhere (probably not back to the US). While here, wife and I are trying to absorb as much culture in Europe as possible!


nah, I don't do any intense maths in java (or anywhere else...) maths is just an interest/hobby

Well, if you're looking for culture I think Switzerland is a good place to find it 🙂
I'm in/from the UK and starting to feel like getting out...

@cj Grüzi! Good to see that someone else is also interested in #Factorio ! :-)
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