Given its impact on internet culture and mathematical combinatorics, I guess I should stop procrastinating for over a decade and finally prioritize watching Haruhi.

> Has 30 second conversation in German with a stranger
> Spends next 2 hours analyzing every word and pause that was said

Been playing mode, finally found my first lapis lazuli which means I can finally have enchantments.

They've added a lot since I last played.

I feel like "21st Century Digital Girl" didn't properly account for the progressive views on gender.

Fun game: watch old techno/trance videos from the early days of YouTube, try to identify where the anime girls are from.

Don't ask me why I know Ignis from Jingai Makyo...

Final Fantasy XIV still has nothing on Yogurting, the best anime MMO of all time.

Lots of shit talk, family 

The short sightedness of "force PG&E to keep electricity on" or "eliminate liability for wildfires" or "PG&E CEO gets paid too much" or "force PG&E to do maintenance" all try to tackle shallow symptoms.

Shift funds from building our umpteenth multi-billion dollar nuclear sub, to controlled fires. Prevent crowning (dangerous) fires in the first place.

Heck, go further on policies! For example, mandate that 18 year olds have to do one year of forestry service and controlled burns.

Once the land is managed properly, it doesn't matter what kind of ignition source (and whose liability) it is: no more massive wildfires, no more massive property damage, no more loss of life, healthier wilderness.

People are complaining about liability laws and PG&E shutting off power to half of California, which to me misses the main point:

Make the risk of massive wildfires negligible in the first place.

Manage the land properly first. Then, everything else about liability and other companies will follow.

Raise the property tax for people living in the danger zone. People keep moving there. Accurately price the risk in the flood of new at-risk development. Put that money to land mgmt, not education

Woher kommst du aus, wo bist du gegangen
Woher kommst du aus COTTON EYE JOE

"As a full-time rabbit-keeper, I don't have time to change my database schema. I just want to properly feed my rabbits. Is there a more readable way to do that query?"

Some stack overflow questions are awesome.

If you've been following me, you may remember when I freaked out cause my younger brother's high school had a school shooting, and he was trapped in the school, and after the shooter was arrested and handled the school in its "infinite wisdom" decided to keep having classes instead of sending the kids home.

Well, today would have been the victim's birthday, so guess what that means. Another mass lockdown at the high school (luckily, no shooter this time).

Racism and Nuclear Weapons 

My grandmother never would talk about what it was like to live as a little girl in Shanghai during Japanese occupation nor during the subsequent civil war (during which, her family fled).

Entirely large branch of my family history lost to time.

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