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Ack to the following issues:

1. go-fed's website certificate is expired
2. go-fed's documentation is out of date

Musical metalish albums that are (or almost) musicals:

Metropolis Part 2: Scenes from a Memory by Dream Theater

Z2 by Devin Townsend

Imaginaerium by Nightwish

Any others I am forgetting? I'm skipping over Rush for being too obvious a choice (but still good!).

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I can't believe Metropolis Part 2: Scenes From A Memory is 20 years old now.

A music album equivalent to a movie. Almost a musical. At the core is an unsolved murder, as told by a guy to his therapist (who becomes drawn to solving it). So many good musical themes that play off each other throughout the album.

Today feels like a

"Mark out the points
Build the pyre
Assemble different drummers
Light up the fire
Put on your masks
And animal skins"

kind of day.

My wife being adorable 

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I think "Instead of JSON, could ActivityPub use protobuffers?" is a classic case of genuinely wanting to make things better (more optimized, in this questioner's case), but not understanding the breadth of consequences.

Swiss Train: *Packed and Completely Silent*

My wife, to me, blurts loudly : "You have a big head!"

I think that the first time I saw, as a non-Birbsite user, the power of the outrage mob, was when that dude got fired for making a juvenile joke about dongles at a tech conference. website = 5 stars
Duden app = 1 star

Guess I'm going to keep using a browser to use the German dictionary

Most of these sorts of phrases make sense in English too, but a few wind up sounding formal (in english):

"einen Beruf ausรผben" = "to exercise their profession"
"etwas zu Ende bringen" = "to bring something to a close"
"Hilfe leisten" = "to afford help"
"Lรถsung finden" = "find a solution"
"Interesse zeigen an" = "to exercise interest in"

But some are a bit wonky:

"eine Rolle spiele" = "to play a Role" (as in: It does/doesn't matter)
"ein Gesprรคch fรผhren" = "to lead a speech" (as in: to make a speech)

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beantragen => einen Antrag stellen

In german, "put a request". Don't do that silly English "make a request".

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(etwas) tun => Massnahmen ergreifen

In german you don't "take action" you instead "grab action".

"I'm not gay, I just don't give a fuck about straight sex" - Jon LaJoie 2011

If APIs are deemed "novel intellectual property" in the Oracle/Google Supreme Court case, I guess that means is pretty much in the clear anyway since the API is in the standard as POST/GET inbox/outbox and "send anything".

What'll be interesting is, in such a hypothetical outcome, whether devs will just change software licenses or change their practice away from REST.

NCSU is my alma mater and I could totally see some dipshit there trying to pull a disinformation campaign while deflecting.

TL;DR I'd like to defensively publish out in the open without putting myself nor other folks at serious risk.

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Got my researchy prototype network to successfully work. Big moment, but now comes the slow part: finishing the scattered notes on some math proofs, and paying my IP lawyer. I hope it is worth it.

> When your nation's sovereignty is solidified in a WW1 peace treaty, but the victors misspell your name.

Good job Entente powers. Sorry Liechtenstein.

My blog ( is written on top of go-fed and is on the . Not only are blog posts shown as native content (ActivityStreams type "Article") but comments ("Notes") on Mastodon/Pleroma show up on my blog as well.

I've reinstalled and decided to be connected to the Fediverse mobile-ly, and not just once in a blue moon.

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