I am trying to use github.com/go-oauth2/oauth2 in the server I am building and its design, lack of documentation, confusing terminology (partly OAuth2's fault there) leads me to have some reservations about using it.

I don't really want to reimplement OAuth2 though so there's that, too.

I must admit I was introduced to Discharge in my childhood thanks to Metallica -- here is their cover of that song:

Metallica - Free Speech For The Dumb


Conversations today reminded me of this classic punk song!

Sing it with me...

for the dumb
for the dumb
for the dumb
for the dumb

Discharge - Free Speech For The Dumb


Today turned into a weed-the-garden kind of day.

Hopefully the garlic, artichoke, and bell pepper plants will now enjoy the lack of competition.

Oh jeez did I start a discussion about Free Software! What started as blabbing about a nascent idea has led to tons of replies. I haven't been able to follow all threads of thought but I think it has been a really positive dialogue. And that's an awesome thing.

So I am still thinking on this. But until someone can whip up something better I think Free Software is the best thing we got so far.

Im still writing a blog post about ethics in software, and how that relates to Open Source Software and Free Software.

One thing I am stuck on is how Free Software's ethics implicitly relies on the assumption that "all users have the technical literacy to modify and run software". And I use literacy to truly mean a fundamental capability that should be taught to everyone, because Free Software assumes "the user" can "modify" said software in order to satisfy it's ethics.

I don't like this flaw

Almost done reading Chomsky's "Who Rules The World?" and can't help but think all the far right conspiracy folks got their idea of "deep state" and "swamp" and other stupid things horribly horribly wrong.

The Real US Pol News: The Census Show more

...and ending tonight is Slayer playing their most famous song in smooth smooth

Slayer - Reign in Jazz


Continuing the meme train, it's time to listen to the dope as hell clarinet cover of Necrophagist.

Brutal clarinet sweeps.


func GetTomorrowDate() time.Time {
time.Sleep(24 * time.Hour)
return time.Now()

... tells shareholders they still made a handsome profit, and refuses to share their now-proprietary source code. This is where software ethics fails and the medical ethics organizations must take over instead."

I start from the very ground up and built towards the conclusion that when I do FOSS you get all of me including my moral choices, those that disagree can fork off otherwise since it's their FOSS-god-given right to do so.


I have a spicy blog post brewing about software and ethics (it'll be long I'm sure):

"I am sure there are many Open Source followers that would find my following scenario morally objectionable, but such words are worthless when the product of the movement, the license, makes no judgement on a corporation that makes pacemakers, takes Open Source software, modifies it and accidentally creates a flaw that kills 1% of patients, makes tons of money, settles out-of-court with the deceasedโ€™s families...


@ben Do you expect go-fed to fetch HTTP Signature certs, or do you expect it to be an optional piece to enable/disable?

Just realized I had built it without HTTP signature validation in mind, but that may be breaking assumptions about the library.

So now considering adding a library function to let people use HTTP Signatures if they so wish.

What genre is this? "Post-millenial"? Whatever, if you like Smash Mouth or Linkin Park you deserve to give this a listen

"THIS SHOULDN'T WORK, WHY DOES IT WORK.swf" by nonplayablerecords


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