What would Swisscom do if I started using the BitTorrent protocol? Now that I think about it, idk if Switzerland's telcos has ever done stuff against it like America's due to its history as being used by copyright infringers.

I got a prototypical version of the experimental codegen tool working end-to-end (it's missing some implementations, notably for types).

Too early to celebrate, but a big step towards a friendlier environment.

I expect go-fed v1 to be much cleaner from an ActivityStreams point of view. Spending a massive amount of time on the code generation tool this second go-around.

Another interesting consideration: If the code-generation bit could be abstracted, then it could possibly generate proper ActivityStreams code for other statically typed languages (ex: C++, Java, ...).

My mind is very odd. Sometimes I'll be out hiking and my mind will wander and think "What would I do if I heard the 'Sihl Dam Burst, get to high ground' sirens?"

Usually I go into very specific details about how I would immediately text my wife, what it would contain, the logistics of regrouping, etc.

I've also done the same for "What if I have cancer and don't know it?" and "What if nuclear war happens and the USA is involved?" and sometimes I wonder if I secretly have a gruesome mind.

"How to win at spelling:
Spell bad
Spell good
Spell fresh
Bribe the judges
Take a plane into space and do your spelling out there where theres more room to think and breathe
*breathes in, breathes out*
Purchase a spelling kit then rip out the pieces and rearrange to your liking
Thats how much fun spelling can be
Won't you spell the world with me"

....I think I'm done with the internet today.

Forgot to give bill wurtz his credit: youtube.com/watch?v=vXdv9dD2_m

Wake up to a billion notifications because the Grammy for "Best Metal Performance" includes BTBAM (a band from NC) this year. If only I could still vote.

In the tradition of ridiculous mashups that shouldn't work but definitely do:

Rage Against The Machine vs Vanessa Carlton - Killing In A Thousand Miles

Not quite but I can appreciate it.


@alexcastano You're helping mayel with MoodleNet on Pleroma? Just saw your question on github.

Lol YouTube Rewind 2018 is over 2M dislikes.

I only recognized:
- Will Smith
- Markiplier
- BTS's song "Idol"

My suggestions:

@cwebber who helped write the ActivityPub spec and has a cool podcast I need to check out
@Are0h whose humanizing and outspoken writings, and the reactions to them by others, always challenges me as a person
@tuxether who built an ActivityPub link aggregator called Anancus which I still need to check out

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Mortgage companies in the USA have the shittiest online security and websites and payments system AND always mis-calculate escrow.

But hey banks trust them.

Once go-fed gets off the ground I think it'd be great to revive ForgeFed and get federated code repositories back into discussion.

And yes before someone replies with the "git is already federated" blog post: that someone is missing the point, just like that article's author was when I debated with him in the ForgeFed archives. One day I'll write a strong rebuttal blog piece.

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I'm trying real hard not to get excited about hearing back from FOSDEM about what talks were accepted. If I get too hyped over my submission, I know I'll just be setting myself up for disappointment.

If I had to pick one thing I learned from reading the Dao De Jing it is to reframe all statements about myself from "I am <positive adjective> X" to "I am becoming a <positive adjective> X". For example:

"I am a statistician"
"I am becoming a better statistician"

It does three things for me:
1) Affirms I have the agency to change myself
2) Ensures I never stop growing
3) Forced me to reflect on *how* to reach a goal. Often this requires "learning about learning", a form of empowerment.

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Friendly reminder that "free speech" is about the *principles* of free speech.

Anything, anywhere, anytime is not a principle. It's a society-destroying extremist position when considering things like classified information, inciting violence, payola (and other false flag equivalents), verbal violence directed at children, slander & libel, and the list goes on and on.

Principles are what lead to restrictions under certain contexts in order to build a better society. Disagreeing on "better" is expected.

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