My Fedi feed is pretty full of shit-flinging in all sorts of directions (deservedly or otherwise) so I think I'll uninstall Tusky and come back later.

My feed is full of the French strike today.

cj big dumb head know 0 why

Unfortunately I have a lot of bugs to flesh out, I just don't know if this process will, once its bug free, actually tell me that.

If, when measuring my network performance across different scales, it correlates with log(n) the best, does that mean it is an O(log(n)) scaling network? :o

Finally went digging into why UDP datagrams are generally both limited and unreliable. Seems that the MTU limit is the problem: the bigger the UDP datagram if over a limit it will fragment, then any failure of any fragment leads to a drop of the entire datagram.

The MTU is higher for IPV6 than IPV4, so are we incentivized to do UDP over only IPV6 going forward?

Where do people typically publish a defensive publication? Is it just on a website they own? Submission to a Journal? Arxiv?

What really grinds my gears is watching software engineers come up with a paper election process and earnestly suggest the absentee voting should be "tell someone else to vote for you".

Try to find a video of someone AAA-ing DM Ashura's Seven without using a CMod.

It doesn't exist.

Maybe I should download Stepmania and do it.

NC Republicans & New Hyperpartisan Tactics 

NC Republicans & New Hyperpartisan Tactics 

NC Republicans & New Hyperpartisan Tactics 

NC Republicans & New Hyperpartisan Tactics 

Delaunay Triangulation has a lot of cool properties:
- Getting from point A to B has an upper bound distance of ~2.4x the distance "as the crow flies"
- Is the dual graph of a Voronoi diagram.
- If produced in a spatial Poisson Process, on average a point will have 6 neighbors.

I should apply for the .con gTLD from ICANN and only hand out domains to blockchain based companies.

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