Someone from HN helpfully explained to me that insurance only covers the insured party.

Thanks, I had no idea.

full footage of George Floyd's murder 

Lol it's been almost 2 years to the exact day, finally just bumped the version number to v1.

uspol RNC 

Watched George Carlin's old rant on Baby Boomers back in 96 and boy is it still relevant. Lol!

I swear every once in a while Paradise Lost creates some ridiculously catchy lyrics for an inexplicable reason.

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"But this one-way street you're on
You'll never be fulfilled
And this one-way street you're on
Is gonna get you killed"

If they built & launched Project Orion spacecraft (the one that poops nuclear bombs & spreads radioactivity everywhere) from Cape Canaveral in Florida, how much more tame would Florida Man be today? I'm guessing a father who works 4 days a week, spends the 5th day off bonding with his kid, cooks most nights, volunteers at the soup kitchen, occasionally takes his organic vegetables over to the neighbors, and fosters animals from the rescue shelter.

Finally got off my lazy butt and clicked the "Merge" button a lot.

Thanks to everyone who has helped uncover my copy/paste problems and nil-dereferencing and glue-eating.

Hopefully go-fed software is in a better state now. :)

Heute habe ich uber die alte Kantone Rhรคtien, Waldstรคtte, Linth, Baden, und Sรคntis gelernt. Diese Kantone waren Teil der Helvetische Republik.

I also love the subtle diss by Chris Bowes (of Alestorm fame) by eating his plate of beans in the music video - LOL

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"*Sigh* Man, i'm so bored. Y'all, we're supposed to be on tour right now."
"Damn, you're right. What the hell are gonna do with all these socks we got?"
"You know what guys? I got it! We should delete the album"


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