I'll be at . I'm interested in go-fed (AP in ) and getting folks writing extensions into decentralized but federating spec-owning authorities. Who wants to meet up at FOSDEM? I would like to make sure to block out specific times to meet with folks to have these sorts of discussions.

Doesn't have to be 1:1 discussions either.

Hey fediverse admins, have you made sure your instance is being counted by the-federation.info/ ? I love being able to respond with that stats site URL when people say "nobody uses federated social networks" elsewhere on the web :) It now counts nodes running any one of 36 server apps, across 9 federation protocols, including #OStatus, and #ActivityPub, reporting about 2 1/2 million users.

Also that was pretty mentally taxing so good night and enjoy your Friday evening.

Let it be known that today I finally got the go-fed-tool to not just generate , but any extension that builds on ActivityStreams, and recursively on top of extensions.

Last major things to do before I work on the "pub" side of go-fed/activity:
- Resolver, PredicateResolver
- Managing `context` strings
- Migrate unit tests to new code generated stuff

Austrian Death Machine -- Double Brutal (album)

Arnold Schwartzenegger themed death . With songs like:
- I Need Your Clothes Your Boots Your Motorcycle (Terminator)
- Who Told You You Could Eat My Cookies? (Jingle All The Way)
- Come on, Do it, Do it, Come on, Come on, Kill me, Do it Now (Predator)


I am not trying to pick sides, I just hate seeing a reporter burn the entire Fediverse without understanding what it actually is. It's like burning The Internet down because of one website's admin.

I just read The Daily Dot article and it is clear the author has only looked at:
- Specific Public Blog posts
- Signed up for cybre.space's instance
- A brief and editorialized interview

What else I am missing? It is clear the research was not very thorough. No mention of the elephant in the room: . Comes across as a hit piece against Gargron. As an outsider to the queer community, I can only say my impression is that it's meant to dissuade the queer community from joining Mastodon.

forum.enough.community/c/event is now public for #ActivityPub round table preparation.

I hope this will motivate people to get a bit more involved. It's only 2 weeks left to #FOSDEM2019, so I start worrying about the community's capacity to act collectively and bring something interesting at FOSDEM.

I am taking my "decentralized authorities, centralized knowledge" idea at the end of my recent blog post, and am exploring it: having and extensions live on the Fediverse itself, to allow self-forming communities to get together to develop their own AP extension *without* the overhead of requiring a "blessing" from a centralized authority. All while still being centrally discoverable by other ActivityPub developers.


This is the kind of internet comment that I find, frankly, one of the lowest forms of behavior. It is a lazy toxicity-primed mindset masquerading as intellectualism.

I don't put up with it and call it out.


Cornish cover band song suggestions:

"Stank This Way" (Aerosmith cover)
"Stank on the Wild Side" (Lou Reed cover)
"Stank on Water" (Eminem or 30 Seconds to Mars cover"
"Stanks Like A Lady" (Journey cover)

Admittedly, I don't know when a Cornish person would use "stank" instead of "walk".

Progress on coding today was unexpectedly slow due to cuteness of dog who commandeered the use of my hands. And is now using one of them as a pillow.

Today is a relaxing day. I'll either be working on getting go-fed to v1, or playing .

*Frantically types `git status` repeatedly, hoping the code changes that need to happen will somehow just magically appear*

Dangit, I'm not a wizard.

Lately there had been several blog posts about AP. Some days I published one as well: feneas.org/activitypub-well-itโ€ฆ


> New problem: how to collaborate on and discover these community specs.

Indeed a problem. Drawing attention to: github.com/w3c/activitypub/iss

And adding #ActivityPub hashtag ;)

Thanks for writing. Very valid points in the article.

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