And the immigration officials hier sind Kantonspolizei. Sie sind sehr freundlicher als CPB even though I'm merely a resident hier und ein Amerikanischer Bรผrger dort.

Back in CH, und mein Autokorrektur korrigiert Wรถrter von Englisch nach Deutsch lol. I kid you not. Naja.

> Facebook post about $1.5 Trillion student debt vs $1.4 Trillion Australia GDP
> Aunt replies about how if millennials would not focus on "Buddhist Studies" degrees it wouldn't be a problem

This is the *tame* shit I have to put up from my family.

I wonder what my great grandfather, full Chinese who fled the mainland with his daughter during the civil war, would think about the Hong Kong protests.

There's a ton of Orthodox Jews flying between Zรผrich and NYC. I can only imagine what life would've looked like if their communities in other cities in Europe hadn't been eradicated.

PV vs Anna storm is still going on. I'm stilll team PV all the way.

"I don't wanna adult today
Things to fix, bills to pay
I just want to stay in bed
Play video games, but instead
I gotta get up, go to work
Put on my pants, iron my shirt
Warm up my car, did I get gas?
Sit in traffic, this jerk won't let me pass"

Anyone got old memes?

I'm going to bed, when I wake up better be a long thread. Don't disappoint me internet.

New episode of @librelounge out about Datashards, a project @emacsen and I have been working on for secure, collaborative, decentralized storage primitives for the web.

Datashards is inspired by Tahoe-LAFS and Freenet, but generalized. If you remember the Spritely Magenc/Crystal/Golem secure storage/distribution demos, Datashards grew out of all that!

I don't get a lot of internet arguments. There's a certain category of arguing where neither side has a core position they argue for, and are just bickering over a single fact they disagree on. Pure noise. Wish it was easy to identify and filter so I can get to the productive stuff.

Oh noes, I'm advocating for censorship in order to improve online discourse.

Along with @cj, we've organized a #NYC fedinner this Friday evening. So far we're only three people, but if you're on the #Fediverse and in #NYC, feel free to reply below to join us on Friday.
#fediverse #IRL #NewYork

> Person at work asks what's wrong with Kantian ethics

Oh jeez, I don't have time for an 8 hour 1 on 1 meeting.

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