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I like Mastodon because it reminds me of all the independent BBS forums that were running around in the late 90's and early 2000's. Same software, independent communities.

I disliked Reddit from Day 1 because it absolutely destroyed these communities and centralized control. I still feel like a stupid zealot when I tell people "Yeah I'm into tech, the internet, forums, BUT NOT REDDIT".

I hope for people to relive the tight nit online community feel, Mastodon is on that path.

Engaging in HN comments has become less and less productive.

Physical move to new apartment is done. In the midst of sheer exhaustion.

If someone is being nasty on Mastodon, you don’t have to try to get justice from drawing attention to their nastiness and hoping enough people will be outraged enough to block and report them so that something happens.

Report them. Their moderator will actually see your actual report and will actually do something about it. I know it’s weird to think that could do something, but it does here.

Good news: new apartment building is fiber-enabled.
Bad news: my new apartment isn't yet wired for fiber, and it'll take a week for Swisscom to run that last bit of cable.

go-fed now has 100 GitHub stars. I don't know what this means besides an arbitrary boost to my ego. Watch out, world.

90's heavy meets 80's pop: Slayer vs Wham - "Careless In The Abyss".

Somehow, it works. Hilariously well.


Finally converting my US drivers license to a Swiss one. Was pretty painless.

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Forgot to mention I finished Death's End by Liu Cixin, completing my reading of the Three Body Problem trilogy. It's all really good "hard" sci-fi.

I think I have read enough sci fi this year so I am drafting a new book list. Not yet sure of its theme.

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Who wants to work with me and @dajbelshaw, developing the #ActivityPub based #federated back-end for #MoodleNet?

We're looking for a #developer familiar with #Elixir (or transferable skills like #Erlang and #RubyOnRails).

The whole project will be #FOSS and you can work from home, what's not to love ;-) Please RT!


#tech #job #programming #jobs #software #remote #federation #decentralised

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#ActivityPub support is live! You can now follow *Public* Write.as blogs from Mastodon, such as our @blog

It's limited to Public blogs right now (a paid feature) so we can slowly roll this out and plug holes as needed -- once I'm confident things are stable in the next few days, it'll be available to everyone for free.

You can read a bit more about the update, and I'd love to hear any feedback / ideas / bugs here! discuss.write.as/t/activitypub

Playing through some Dead Cells. The combat is really satisfying. I'm really bad about opening timed doors.

Once we complete the move to the new apartment, I really want to meet all the neighbors. But in a proper Swiss way. Maybe a housewarming party?

Happy ! This is from memory (on a train right now). People related to AP in some way:

@cwebber One of the AP authors
@rhiaro Another AP author
@kaniini Pleroma Eng
@Gargron Mastodon Eng
@nightpool Mastodon Eng
@dansup PixelFed Eng
@tuxether Anacus Eng
@matt Write.as Eng
@bhaugen ValueFlows (extension)
@mayel Moodle (extension)

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