Have I managed to annoy everyone with my constant sharing of overexposed photos of poppies yet? 😅 They are so pretty though...

@chiara NO. Because that's just not the kind of shit I see here. It's gorgeous! Seriously, I love seeing random photos of places and things that are outside my normal experience.

Especially if they're from someone I know - makes it more personal.

@vampiress 😍
Thank you!

Here is a funny one from earlier this morning. Almost looks like snow but it is a fluffy white pollen thing that floats in the air and tries to pollinate everything.

@vampiress yeah, it's amazing! This area is boring 11 out of 12 months but it gets exciting this time of the year. Except if you have allergies, then it's horribly annoying. 😅

@chiara To be fair here is also real bad for allergies. But also if you are allergic to fire.

@vampiress there are fires in other parts of Italy. I've never experienced them over here (yet) but from what I see it looks terrible and scary. 😔

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