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I wish today was a lazy sunday where I'd spend my time geeking around...

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Mr. Robot episodes of the 4th season appear to be named after the HTTP 4xx status codes 😂

4x01 Unauthorized
4x02 Payment Required
4x03 Forbidden
4x04 Not Found
4x05 Method Not Allowed
4x06 Not Acceptable
4x07 Proxy Authentication
4x08 Request Timeout
4x09 Conflict
4x10 Gone

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If somebody ever asks me, "what's the strangest dream you've ever had?", I can now truthfully say, "the one where I defended myself from Markdown formatting and HTML tags trying to squeeze me to death with the power of regular expressions, also there was a sword involved."

No, I didn't eat anything weird that day.

I have been using and for a while, but I have always had a problem with having all my mails and tags over my machines (work laptop/home pc/home laptop). I tried using muchsync but I always encounter the same problem

UNIQUE constraint failed: xapian_dirs.dir_path

Anyone has a suggestion on how either solving this or another solution?

TGIF, can't wait to relax a little this weekend.

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on cherche des raisons de ce réjouir.

Du coup,
on se disait que l'on pouvait provoquer ces raisons.

On voudrait faire et aider à organiser un café #nog00gle dans plusieurs villes en même temps (même jour ou même semaine)
(#Rennes, #Nantes, #Nancy, #Montpellier et bien dautres)

Ça pourrait être marrant et symbolique.

Donc nous cherchons des personnes intéressées pour faire cela un peu partout.

Repouets appréciés

#nog00gle #fuckoffgoogle

Trying out the client. For the meanwhile I am enjoying it, but I'd like to see Vim keybinding implemented when writing. :)

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i'm getting into the world of function currying in javascript because of @bclindner

fucking shoot me

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SDF getting filmed for a French television documentary on pre-social network communities

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first take at VLAN'ing... success! after a few hiccups understanding Tagged vs. Untagged...
now I'm wondering if on a as a router/switch will work with my VLANs...
goodnight all.

I'd love to make my 'old' Samsung S8+ a GoogleFree device to tryout. doesn't seem to support it.. =/

Finally managed to fix my 3B cluster. Somehow the SBC didn't get access to the internet because their `timedatectl` wasn't correct. Now all works ^_^.

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