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⚡ To give Wishlist and Wish a try, just SSH to our hosted directory:

> ssh

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📜 Wishlist v0.5.0 will now live update connected sessions when endpoints change and has numerous bug fixes.

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💫 Wish v0.4.0 is a big update that has support for SSH certificates (yay!), rate limiting and better error handling.

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🎉 It's a Friday SSH app release party!

> ssh -t Confetti

🧋🐍 Check out Charming Cobras with Bubbletea - Part 1, an amazing new tutorial on how to build CLI apps with Bubble Tea, Cobra and Viper. Really cool to see so many great Bubble Tea tutorials coming from the community 🙏

🧊 Melt just got a fresh batch of command line love! Now you can pipe your keys in to generate a seed phrase and restore a key directly from standard in.

Grab the latest release to give it a spin.

🕸️ Do you have a REST API that you need to bang on? Check out Restish, a CLI tool for interacting with REST-ish HTTP APIs. It now features Glamour markdown rendering! 🌈

🚨 Hi everyone, we've discovered a critical vunerability that impacts `charm` self-hosters. Please update to v0.12.1 immediately. If you're not self-hosting, you are not impacted.

More details:

Contact: or

☁️ Are you on @Azure, but not using Terraform yet? Check out aztfy, a Bubble Tea app built by the Azure team to help you import your existing resources into Terraform. 🤘

🔬 Wonder what's going on with your network? Check out gosniff, an amazing Bubble Tea app for monitoring network traffic. Extremely useful!

📺 Ever wonder how to nest Bubble Tea models? Check out our new YouTube tutorial and as always hit us up if you have any questions!

🌏 Translate text on the command line with `got` a new Bubble Tea app that gives you a TUI for SimplyTranslate's API. Time to hack the planet! boosted

just hit 10k stars on GitHub!

Thanks, everyone! 🙏 This is quite amazing... I never thought it would get this far 🤩

🧋 To celebrate we’re giving away Bubble Tea stickers! To request some just fill out the ol’ sticker request form:

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🤯 Bubble Tea just hit 10k stars on GitHub!! We’re SO happy you love TUIs as much as we do! 🤗

📜 Check out, an amazing new Wish app that lets you blog over SSH/SCP! No account creation needed since it leverages SSH public keys just like Charm.

🎊 Out now: Harmonica v0.2.0 which adds support for physics-based particles. Now you can add particles to your TUIs, terminal-based games, or even Ebiten and Pixel projects!

🤗 Special thanks to
Maas Lalani, Harmonica co-maintainer, for the contribution.

🎨 Calling all ASCII artists! Draw is a new terminal-based paint program from @maaslalani
with a minimal—yet very intuitive—UI. We can’t stop scribbling in our terminals!

Built with 🧋 Bubble Tea and 💄 Lip Gloss

📰 Need an interactive JSON viewer for the command line? Check out `fx`, it's a super popular project that was just ported from Node.JS to Go using Bubble Tea:

💘 We’re smitten with this tutorial by @inngest on how (and why!) to build TUIs with Bubble Tea. If you’re curious about building a TUI this is a perfect place to get started.

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