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🪃 There's a new Wishlist out that includes our #1 most requested feature: return to list after disconnect! Now you'll be returned to the Wishlist host list after disconnecting from a host instead of going back to your prompt. 🎉

😎 Awesome to see NVIDIA building with Bubble Tea! Validate your containers in style with Container Canary. It will test to see if the supplied container matches the requirements listed in a yaml spec. Very cool.

🛼 Just launched Skate v0.3.0! Now you can list all of your databases with `skate list-dbs`. To store a value in a custom db, just use `skate set key@dbname value`.

🍦 Soft Serve just got a whole lot faster! Version v0.3.0 brings major performance improvements, especially for large repos and repos with a lot of commits. It also introduces new commands for interacting with files and performing git actions over SSH.

Read Wikiepdia from the comfort of your terminal with Wiki CLI. It's a new Bubble Tea and Glamour app made for viewing Wikipedia articles on the command line. No web browsers needed!

Here’s a little BTS our 3K Blender scene. It's open source and yours to deconstruct, edit, and have fun with 💫

💫 Just shipped: Wish v0.3.1, which makes it easier to broadcast messages to Bubble Tea! Wish now includes Bubble Tea Middleware containing a tea.Program handle for easy message sending.

💫 We love to see people make SSH based games with Wish! If you create a Wish app, be sure to let us know so we can add it to:

> ssh

That's a Charm hosted Wishlist directory, if you want to set something similar up yourself:

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🎮 Musshi's Heart is part of this year's Ludum Dare, an event where people create a game from scratch over a weekend.

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💓 Can you keep Musshi alive? Give it a shot with Musshi's Heart, an amazing new Wish and Bubble Tea powered SSH game:

> ssh -p 2227

🤩 Our projects just crossed 30k stars on GitHub! Thank you so much to our community and developers who have built with our tools 🙏

In honor of the event, we’ve created a new repo where we plan to open source all of our 3D models. Come check out Runway!

♻️ Easily make super useful shell functions with Redo. It's a new Bubble Tea app that allows you to interactively combine commands from your shell history into a new function. Amazing!

⚡ In addition to CLI stuff we love playing with 3D technologies. Here’s a GPU-melting done in with 🥵🫠

There's a big new update for gh-dash (previously gh-prs). It now works with pull requests *and* issues. Very cool!

📜 Do you use conventional commits (we've been trying to)? Check out Comet, a Bubble Tea app that makes it easy to get started with conventional commit messages.

🕶️ A snippet from our Changelog interview. Your privacy is more important that our business metrics! We don't put telemetry in our apps or any form of tracking. We support anonymous use, self-hosting and all of your data is encrypted end-to-end before it hits our servers. boosted

What an epic sticker haul to receive all on the same day! Huge thanks to @charm for 2 shades of their amazing sticker. 💜

🌟 Just shipped Charm v0.11.0! It's a big release that features performance improvements, support for Prometheus stats, custom SSH keys and allows you to limit access using an authorized_keys file. Check out all the goodies: boosted

🕵️‍♀️ Keep your system free of sensitive information with Pillager. A new Bubble Tea app that hunts for loot (secrets, passwords, tokens...). It has a nice logo too!

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