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📂 Want to add an SCP interface to your SSH app? Look no further than the new Wish v0.3.0 release that features SCP middleware with a default filesystem handler. You can also add custom upload and download handlers, support globbing and recursive copies! boosted

I've made the ultimate pomodoro app!

its basically a Fish shell script and the timer bin is something I put together in a couple of minutes using @charm's bubbletea et al :)

📺 Bash will be helping us generate more content and will help keep everyone informed on how to build with and use our tools. Also be sure to check out Bash's Twitch channel where she builds in public and generally has fun doing development!

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⚡🐇 We're super excited to announce that Bash Bunni will be joining Charm to lead our developer relations! Bash has already built an amazing community of developers and cli fans and we're looking forward to get to know them. Read more in her post: boosted

#wordle redirects to NYT's site now. So I wrote a little clone to play it in my terminal. Used the bubbletea library by @charm which made it way easier. boosted

Brief and simple project release announcement: CancelReader v0.1.0! 🎉

A cancelable #golang reader for os.File (and thus stdin):

👀 Be sure to check out the other amazing Bubble Tea projects by Maas:

Slides: Terminal presentation tool

Typer: Typing test in your terminal

ConfeTTY: Confetti in your TTY

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♟️ Hone your chess skills in the terminal with Gambit, a new game by Gambit features Bubble Tea mouse support so you can click your way to checkmate!

📜 There's a major new version of Wishlist out! Don't feel like spinning up a server? Wishlist now works in local mode by default. Think of it as a TUI for .ssh/config. Just run `wishlist` and browse your hosts in style 😎

🕹️ We think games and Wish are a great match! First person to port LORD or Trade Wars gets a special shoutout ☎️

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🎮 Wordle is cool, Wordle on the command line is cooler, but have you ever played Wordle over SSH? Check out SSHWordle, a new Wish app:

> ssh

Or host it yourself: boosted

Recently @caarlos0 and I were talking about #golang's Cobra package and both realized how awesome it is, but also how unmanageable its dependency chain has become.

One thing led to another and we decided to do something about this, so here it is...

Coral, a friendly Cobra fork with nearly all its features, but only 4 dependencies 🐍

Read more about it here: boosted

🎉 gitty v0.7.0 is out 🎉

gitty is a smart little tool for git projects, that shows you relevant issues, pull requests, and changes at a quick glance - right on the command-line!

What's new?

- show tracking stats for branches

- prioritize remotes named 'upstream' over 'origin'

- many small fixes and improvements! 🐛

Full Changelog: boosted

🎁 Building beautiful terminal programs with #golang?

termenv v0.11.0 is out and made for you 🤗

Safely use advanced ANSI styling options, detect session settings, communicate with the terminal, and enjoy full RGB support in your Go programs!

More here:

💯 Start exploring your Go test coverage on the CLI with gocovsh. It's a new Bubble Tea app that allows you to interactively view coverage reports with a TUI!

🔒 Wish v0.2.0 is out! We've added the ability to use authorized_keys files for super simple auth. It makes it easier to control who can access your swoopty SSH apps. 💫

📦 We've leveled up our Arch Linux support, btw! Arch now packages our apps in their official package manager. Now they're just a pacman -S away.

pacman -S glow
pacman -S soft-serve
pacman -S charm

🤿 Want to dive into your Git repos like SQL databases? Check out the awesome
, now featuring Bubble Tea animations! boosted

When the official GitHub account posts about your project and even links to your homepage:

Brace for impact! 🙉

🧛 Can't stand the light? Grab the new Glamour release featuring the Dracula color scheme and render markdown in your CLI app like the undead.

Thanks for making such a great theme and Dracula dude!

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