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Give it a try on @caarlos0's SSH playground:

> ssh -p 2220

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🔮 We just launched Wishlist, an SSH proxy and TUI directory! Wishlist is a single entrypoint to multiple SSH servers discovered from your .ssh/config or defined in a yaml. SSH into Wishlist and hop to the host of your choice. Happy surfing!

📜 Check out this excellent Bubble Tea and Lip Gloss tutorial:

Learn to make a TUI to browse through GitHub's trending pages. Very cool!

🍦 Soft Serve lets you easily view your repos on the command line with the SSH TUI, but sometimes the web is cool too! Check out this nifty Soft Serve web viewer:

The author has an example instance running as well, looks great:

⚡ We're making it official, @caarlos0 is joining Charm! Carlos has made awesome contributions to a lot of our projects and we're extremely excited to have him join the team full-time. Read more on his blog, and long live open source!

📦 Out now: 🧋 Bubble Tea v0.19.2

Hey, BSD users! This release restores support for Dragonfly and fixes a bug where general BSD builds would fail with Go 1.17.


🎰 Changing file modes has never been so fun! Check out chmod-cli for a wonderful chmod TUI upgrade. Built with Bubble Tea.

🙏 We really appreciate all of the support from our community and the amazing developers who have been building awesome command line tools with our products. Please feel free to reach out to us here, or stop by our Slack with the invite:

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🕸️ We've also launched a shiny new version of our website that details all the new toys. Head on over to to check it out!

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💅 Self-Hosted Glow (beta): Now you can stash your markdown files on your own cloud! This is in beta, so if you want to try it out, checkout the `beta` branch from the Glow repo and give it a whirl.

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🗃️ Charm FS: A cloud based Golang `fs.FS` implementation backed by the Charm Cloud. It includes additional write methods.

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🔑 Charm KV: A multi-machine syncable key value store library built on BadgerDB. Data is stored fully end-to-end encrypted in the Charm Cloud. Think of it as Firebase for your CLI tools.

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☁️ Self-Hosted Charm Cloud: an all new, SQLite backed self-hosted version of our cloud services. Now you can choose to use our servers or host your own. This will work for all tools built with our libraries.

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💫 Wish: a library designed to make it easy to build custom SSH servers and add SSH functionality to your apps. Easily make Bubble Tea based SSH apps and add Git server functionality to your tools.

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🛼 Skate: A personal key value store. Quickly and easily store text or binary values with this simple tool. Your data will be synced to any machine linked to your Charm account. Designed to use in scripts for easy data persistence.

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🍦 Soft Serve: A self-hosted Git server with a built in SSH interface. It's a single binary, has a TUI generated from project READMEs, is configurable via Git, and allows for anonymous SSH access. Try it out now: ssh

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💥 Hello command line fans! Today we're launching our new ecosystem of apps and libraries, designed to make developing and using the CLI more fun and powerful. Follow the thread for the details 👇

📺 Terminal Apps with Golang Part 2 is out! Chill out with some smooth jazz and learn how to handle text input in the latest Bubble Tea tutorial by @nicolasparada_

Nicolás Parada made an excellent tutorial on how to build TUIs with Bubble Tea. Looking forward to part 2! ❤

📦 Just released: 🧋 Bubble Tea v0.18.0

This release includes
@fribbledom’s new lossless ANSI compressor, which speeds up rendering both locally and over the wire.

There’s more stuff too: check out the release notes.

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