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👾 What better way to spend a Friday than taking a trip through the InterPlanetary File System? IPFS is a P2P, content addressable distribution system and now it has a Bubble Tea infused TUI thanks to `ipfs-tui`!

🧶 Want to be a little fancy for Friday? Check out Silly String! It adds "visual flourish" to your text via Bubble Tea. ¡ʇᴉ ǝʌoʃ ǝʍ

🎉 Wishlist 0.7.0 is out and it has a ton of fixes and improvements. Wishlist is a directory for SSH hosts and Wish apps. SSH into one place and get all your stuff!

💬 As always, if you have any questions or need help getting started, just stop by our Slack and we'll be happy to help!

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🐇 And of course our own YouTube tutorial by bashbunni on how to use nested models in Bubble Tea:

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📜 Another great place to get started with Bubble Tea is the amazing tutorial written by Inngest:

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💡 We love this Bubble Tea diagram created by Wander dev
Leo Robinovitch! It's a nice way to visualize how everything is wired together.

rpm users, use…
echo '[charm]
gpgcheck=0' | sudo tee /etc/yum.repos.d/charm.repo
sudo yum install soft-serve

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apt users, add the repo…
echo ‘deb [trusted=yes] /’ | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/charm.list
…and install!
sudo apt update && sudo apt install soft-serve

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📦 Hey Ubuntu, Debian, Red Hat, Fedora and friends! Now you can use our APT and RPM source repositories to get our packages. apt-get install and yum install them all! You can use these repos to install all our tools: glow, soft-serve, wishlist, and so on…

🥱 It's Monday, your brain is still in a haze and you need to decide what to eat for lunch. What do you do? Let Roulette decide for you! It's an awesome Bubble Tea powered emoji slot machine that features silky smooth animation powered by Harmonica. 🎰

💻 At last, multi-line input! Bubbles v0.13.0 ships with a brand new, powerful, customizable multi-line text input component.

We can't wait to see what you build with it!

👩‍💻 is the incredible new Wish-based blog platform for hackers. Write posts in markdown and SCP them up for command line based CMS goodness.

To get started: `ssh`

📻 Want some chill tunes as your hacking soundtrack? Check out Radioboat, a simple and clean terminal radio built with Bubble Tea. boosted

While we wait for (or contribute to) @forgefed there are options:

Soft Serve by @charm

I’m hosting a @gitea instance with @yunohost

you’ll be glad you did

🕊️ If you love your output, set it free. Bubble Tea v0.22.0 lets you print permanent, unmanaged output above your running applications. We can't wait to see what you do with it!

💍 Validate your darlings! And by darlings we mean text inputs. Bubbles v0.12.0 features hooks for text input validation so you can build beautiful, functional forms on the command line!

🧩 Got time for a quick game of Sudoku? Check out sku, it's Bubble Tea powered Sudoku for the Terminal. Another cool game for the command line arcade. 🕹️

☁️ Wander, the amazing TUI for Nomad by HashiCorp, just got a major new Wish upgrade! Now you can run a Wander server on your network and let people access the TUI over SSH. Awesome use of Wish 😎

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