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📻 Want some chill tunes as your hacking soundtrack? Check out Radioboat, a simple and clean terminal radio built with Bubble Tea. boosted

While we wait for (or contribute to) @forgefed there are options:

Soft Serve by @charm

I’m hosting a @gitea instance with @yunohost

you’ll be glad you did

🕊️ If you love your output, set it free. Bubble Tea v0.22.0 lets you print permanent, unmanaged output above your running applications. We can't wait to see what you do with it!

💍 Validate your darlings! And by darlings we mean text inputs. Bubbles v0.12.0 features hooks for text input validation so you can build beautiful, functional forms on the command line!

🧩 Got time for a quick game of Sudoku? Check out sku, it's Bubble Tea powered Sudoku for the Terminal. Another cool game for the command line arcade. 🕹️

☁️ Wander, the amazing TUI for Nomad by HashiCorp, just got a major new Wish upgrade! Now you can run a Wander server on your network and let people access the TUI over SSH. Awesome use of Wish 😎

♻️ ICYMI Oh My Posh now uses Bubble Tea to power font selection! If you want a powerful, easy to configure prompt, be sure to give it a whirl.

🌊 Get your torrents served up fresh on the command line with Mabel, the fancy BitTorrent client for the terminal! Mabel is a very slick Bubble Tea torrent client that supports theming and mini mode. Be sure to check it out, and keep seeding ✌️

🍦 Hi! Soft Serve v0.3.2 is out now, with fewer bugs and more custom server examples. Yum!

🗞️ What better way to read Hacker News than in the Terminal? Circumflex is a beautiful and extremely full-featured Bubble Tea based HN browser for the CLI. You can even read the original article directly in the terminal with reader mode!

We officially have our own custom channel name on YouTube! Thank you to everyone who has subscribed, watched, commented, and liked our videos. We sincerely appreciate the support and are glad to see our content adding value 🌈
More to come!

C3OS uses Bubble Tea via Erik Geiser's amazing promptkit. If you need an interactive command line prompt, be sure to check it out!

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🤯 C3OS is a lightweight Kubernetes-focused, P2P mesh enabled, immutable Linux OS, built with Bubble Tea. C3OS will bootstrap a k8s cluster from the ground up and has a host of P2P options. Incredible.

💣 Nothing like a little Monday Minesweeper! Play it in the terminal with this sweet Bubble Tea version so you don't have to boot up your old Windows 3.1 machine. 🖥️

🦎 Want to browse @GitHub straight from the CLI? Check out gh-eco, an incredible Bubble Tea powered extension to gh. You even get the contribution graphs! 👏

📺 Calyptia OSS dev Nicolás Parada has also made some amazing Bubble Tea tutorial videos on YouTube. Be sure to check them out:

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🕊️ Fluent Bit is a sweet OSS log processor and forwarder by Calyptia and now you can manage it with Calyptia Cloud directly from the CLI with their new Bubble Tea app!

🛁 Is it bubble time? Definitely yes. Bubbles v0.11.0 is out now with a bunch of bug fixes and quality-of-life updates. Get it while it’s…bubbly.

🔮 Behold! Bubble Tea v0.21.0.

Now you can spawn interactive processes like editors, shells and so on, resuming to your Bubble Tea program when they exit.

We’ve added more keybindings, too. For full details see the release notes:

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