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🧊 Introducing Melt, a quick and easy way to backup your Ed25519 SSH keys. Melt will backup and restore any Ed25519 SSH private key as a set of seed words. Write 'em down and never lose your key again! ✍️

🚨 Free Swag Alert 🚨

We're giving away charm holographic stickers! Leave a comment if you'd like a couple of stickers and we'll DM you to sort logistics 👌

🎉 We've officially launched our Youtube and Instagram accounts! Our first videos have been posted on both accounts which you can find our Soft Serve tutorial at and a product demo at

Our markdown renderer, Glamour, is now being used at Sourcegraph 🙌 Check out what it looks like here:

🔍 Just featured in @golangweekly: Bubble-table, a customizable, interactive table component for Bubble Tea. This is a really powerful, sortable table implementation so be sure to check it out!

⚡ Hey SSH fans! We've put up an example Wishlist directory to play with, check it out:

> ssh

This includes a fresh implementation of Nyancat over SSH by Ayman Bagabas because "we needed that". 😹

👾 Need a responsive layout for your TUI? Check out Stickers, responsive flexbox and table elements for Lip Gloss and Bubble Tea. 🌈

🎙️ The new Changelog features our co-founder Toby talking about the origins of Charm and our vision for the CLI. Tune in now! There's even a secret product reveal 👀

🌈 What languages make up your project? Now you can find out directly on the command line with Lingo! A beautiful new Lip Gloss and Bubble Tea app for fanciful code counting.

🐱 You can also cat out file contents directly to your terminal over SSH, with or without syntax coloring and line numbers. Just use the -c and -l flags:

> ssh soft-serve/cmd/soft/main.go -c -l

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📰 Big new update for Soft Serve! You can now browse files, commits and branches/tags in the TUI. Give it a shot:

> ssh

📂 Want to add an SCP interface to your SSH app? Look no further than the new Wish v0.3.0 release that features SCP middleware with a default filesystem handler. You can also add custom upload and download handlers, support globbing and recursive copies! boosted

I've made the ultimate pomodoro app!

its basically a Fish shell script and the timer bin is something I put together in a couple of minutes using @charm's bubbletea et al :)

📺 Bash will be helping us generate more content and will help keep everyone informed on how to build with and use our tools. Also be sure to check out Bash's Twitch channel where she builds in public and generally has fun doing development!

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⚡🐇 We're super excited to announce that Bash Bunni will be joining Charm to lead our developer relations! Bash has already built an amazing community of developers and cli fans and we're looking forward to get to know them. Read more in her post: boosted

#wordle redirects to NYT's site now. So I wrote a little clone to play it in my terminal. Used the bubbletea library by @charm which made it way easier. boosted

Brief and simple project release announcement: CancelReader v0.1.0! 🎉

A cancelable #golang reader for os.File (and thus stdin):

👀 Be sure to check out the other amazing Bubble Tea projects by Maas:

Slides: Terminal presentation tool

Typer: Typing test in your terminal

ConfeTTY: Confetti in your TTY

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♟️ Hone your chess skills in the terminal with Gambit, a new game by Gambit features Bubble Tea mouse support so you can click your way to checkmate!

📜 There's a major new version of Wishlist out! Don't feel like spinning up a server? Wishlist now works in local mode by default. Think of it as a TUI for .ssh/config. Just run `wishlist` and browse your hosts in style 😎

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