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馃摝 Just released: 馃 Bubble Tea v0.17.0

This release introduces mouse support in Windows as well as fixes a regression where the arrow keys weren鈥檛 working in Windows.

Happy compiling!

馃摝 Just released: 馃 Bubble Tea v0.16.0

You can now run multiple Bubble Tea programs in succession in single application via cancelable reads.

This seemingly simple update was a very big undertaking by contributor Erik Geiser. Thanks, Erik!

馃悪 We鈥檙e loving gitty, a smart little CLI helper for GitHub repo maintainers. It shows you a projects most relevant issues, pull requests, and changes at a quick glance.

Built with Lip Gloss and @fribbledom technology!

馃摝 Just released: 馃 Bubble Tea v0.15.0

This release makes it really easy to send messages to Bubble Tea programs from other libraries. It also opens up programs to more types of terminal input, such as PTYs over SSH.

Happy coding!

馃摝 Just released: 馃崱 Bubbles v0.9.0

This is a big release with a bunch of new stuff, the biggest one being the batteries-included, highly-customizable List Bubble we extrapolated from the Glow鈥檚 document listing.

Go render some lists!

馃摝 Just released: 馃憚 Lip Gloss v0.4.0

This release adds a menagerie of quality-of-life improvements so you can focus more on building your applications and write cleaner code all around.

Keep on styling!

馃暤馃徎鈥嶁檪锔 Wondering what exactly is lurking in your SQLite databases? Never again. sqlite-tui is a keyboard and mouse driven SQLite browser that we think is simply awesome.

Built with Bubble Tea and Lip Gloss!

New release! 馃幖 Harmonica: a simple Go spring animation library for smooth, natural motion. It has a simple API and works well in both 3D and 2D contexts 鈥 including in the terminal.

馃摝 Just released: 馃 Bubble Tea v0.14.0

This release includes important improvements and bugfixes with regard to rendering, including a new API for initializing the altscreen and mouse.

Render on, my friend.

馃摝 Just released: 馃崱 Bubbles v0.8.0

This release adds options to customize cursor behavior and improves subtleties with cursor blinking when multiple textinputs are present.

Happy inputting!

馃摝 Out now: 馃 Bubble Tea v0.13.4

This bugfix release corrects a mis-rendering that could occur when the number of lines increases whilst the prompt is near the bottom of the terminal.

Keep on rendering!

馃摝 Just released: 馃憚 Lip Gloss v0.2.1

This PR adds support for fancier borders, fixes some bugs, adds a helper function for measuring text blocks.

馃摝 Just released: 馃拕 Glamour v0.3.0

This release adds support for emoji! It also corrects a bug in style load order, and updates dependencies.

Oh, and improved rxvt compatibility...of course.

馃摝 Just released: 馃専 Glow v1.4.1

This bugfix release prevents a data race and improves compatibility with rxvt-based terminals.

Discerning readers will notice that this release sounds curiously similar to the Bubble Tea one released earlier. 馃憖

馃摝 Just released: 馃Bubble Tea v0.13.2

This bugfix release clears the bottom line before exiting, preventing the cursor from getting stuck in an awkward position. It also fixes a data race and improves compatibility with rxvt-based terminals.

We鈥檙e launching a new library! Lip Gloss is like CSS for layout and style on the Terminal. Check it out and let us know what you think.

馃拵 Gembro is a mouse-driven Gemini browser written in Bubble Tea. We loved it so much we made our own Gemini capsule.

Try 鈥檈m both!
gembro gemini://

Schedule your clandestine international business meetings the smart way: on the command line. tz (by @oz) is a lovely TUI for displaying the time across a multiple time zones at once.

馃Built with Bubble Tea!

馃摝 Just released: 馃専 Glow v1.4.0

This release contains a few small, helpful features as well as some bug fixes.

For details, see the release notes:

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