📦 Just released: 💄 Glamour v0.3.0

This release adds support for emoji! It also corrects a bug in style load order, and updates dependencies.

Oh, and improved rxvt compatibility...of course.


📦 Just released: 🌟 Glow v1.4.1

This bugfix release prevents a data race and improves compatibility with rxvt-based terminals.

Discerning readers will notice that this release sounds curiously similar to the Bubble Tea one released earlier. 👀


📦 Just released: 🧋Bubble Tea v0.13.2

This bugfix release clears the bottom line before exiting, preventing the cursor from getting stuck in an awkward position. It also fixes a data race and improves compatibility with rxvt-based terminals.


We’re launching a new library! Lip Gloss is like CSS for layout and style on the Terminal. Check it out and let us know what you think.


💎 Gembro is a mouse-driven Gemini browser written in Bubble Tea. We loved it so much we made our own Gemini capsule.

Try ’em both!
gembro gemini://gem.charm.sh


Schedule your clandestine international business meetings the smart way: on the command line. tz (by @oz) is a lovely TUI for displaying the time across a multiple time zones at once.

🧋Built with Bubble Tea!


📦 Just released: 🌟 Glow v1.4.0

This release contains a few small, helpful features as well as some bug fixes.

For details, see the release notes:


The biggest things to remember are:

1. At the end of the day, you're just returning a string
2. That string should represent the entire state of your UI

And if you have any Bubble Tea questions you can always ping us here: github.com/charmbracelet/bubbl

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If Bob Ross were a #golang programmer, he would probably be using termenv for his happy little CLI accidents.

In other news, termenv v0.8.0 is out!

More here: github.com/muesli/termenv/

📦 Just released, 🧋 Bubble Tea 0.13.0

This release adds headless support, allowing Bubble Tea apps to double as daemons (or whatever else you'd like, really).

There are a bunch of other nice updates, too. For details see the release notes:


Out now: httpit is a rapid http(s) benchmark tool built on fasthttp and Bubble Tea. Get ready to pummel your web servers for all their worth! 🥊


📦 Just released, 🧋 Bubble Tea 0.12.5

This release makes input “just work” when stuff is piped into your Bubble Tea programs. So pipe away!

For details see the release notes:


📉🍦 What’s up with the stocks? Now you can keep an eye on them from the comfort and safely of your CLI with Ticker by Ani Channarasappa. Built with Bubble Tea!


📦 Just released: 🧋 Bubble Tea 0.12.4

Hot on the heels of Friday’s release, today’s mini-release adds a `tea.Sequentially` helper command, useful for executing several commands in order.

For details, see the release notes:


📦 Just released: 🧋 Bubble Tea 0.12.3

This release contains small but powerful improvements to the library including a rendering improvement, the ability to set custom input and output, and more.

👀 For details, see the release notes:


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📦 Just released: 🍡 Bubbles 0.7.6

This release features a simple, flexible, and customizable progress bar for your terminal apps.

For details, see the release notes:



If you mind them, you can disable these features in the config.

📦 Just released: ❄️ Glow 1.3.0, Holiday Anniversary Edition

This release contains lots of UX improvements, most notably, your stuff is now organized into tabs.

To update check your fave package manager or download a binary from the releases page.


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