New release! 🎀 Gum: a tool for glamorous shell scripts. It provides highly configurable utilities to help you write useful and delightful scripts with just a few lines of code.

@charm I love it 💖
Also, please relay to the artist of the main Gum illustration that they nailed it!

@charm @fribbledom Does this have any capability for fallback on dumb terminals? Does it respect $TERM?

@a @charm

Depends how "dumb" of a terminal we're talking. It'll require control sequences for things like cursor positioning, but it will absolutely respect things like $TERM and $COLORTERM and tries to adapt to the terminal capabilities: for example RGB color values will be downsampled to the closest available color for ANSI16/ANSI256 terminals.

@a @charm

A series of steps:

1. fallback to looking at alternative env vars like COLORTERM
2. send OSC queries to actively detect terminal support
3. if all fails, assume a terminal that understands the most basic ANSI sequences but strip markup like colors & styles

@fribbledom @charm That’s too bad. I guess the COLORTERM check seems fine, but everything after that is going to result in printing garbage for me. I really wish programs would believe me when I tell them thing.

@a @charm

No, it really shouldn't print any garbage. If it does I'd love to hear more about the terminal you're using.

@charm Every time you release something new I lose a week of time as I make a bunch of useless toys with it.

...and it's time well spent!

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