👩‍💻 is the incredible new Wish-based blog platform for hackers. Write posts in markdown and SCP them up for command line based CMS goodness.

To get started: `ssh`

@charm It looks awesome ! Maybe with #gemini support in the future ?

@oschwand this one is built by the awesome team (, they'd probably love to hear the suggestion!

@Volpit @charm I do love their stuff. One of the few groups truly thinking differently and creating nifty usable tools.

@didek @charm

Getting the same message, no matter how I try. And searching (startpage, duckduck) comes up with nothing. Anyone any ideas/suggestions?

(This seems to be exactly a service I'm looking for)

@sintrenton @didek

It's possible it's an issue with some RSA keys. We talk a bit about it here:

Can you try an ed25519 key?

@charm @didek

OK, I didn't have one, so I created one, but same result :/ (I do have a pub ed25519 key now, at least.)

@sintrenton @didek ok thanks for trying. It's probably best to open an issue in the repo for help from the authors:

@charm @didek

Yup. Thanks! Hope to work it out, the concept looks awesome.

@charm would like to read some SCP'd up stories 😉

@charm if I have to evaluate this against hosting Jekyll or other static site systems what are some of the key benefits here? Also any cost or commercial.plans?

@dantalion we would say the simplicity of just scp-ing raw markdown is the main benefit. You don't have to install any software on your machine to get it up and running. We didn't build this one so not sure if they have hosting plans upcoming.

@charm transfer sensitive details about things in containment using ssh grade security

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