🎉 We've officially launched our Youtube and Instagram accounts! Our first videos have been posted on both accounts which you can find our Soft Serve tutorial at and a product demo at

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@charm Cuteness of your software is outstanding. I catch myself a few times on "Aw… It's so sweet" while looking on software or website 😄
And I'm "a man, a manly, manly man... ma-ma-ma-ma man, M-A-N man". Just kidding. Have a good day/night 🙂

Btw you need to name something as "fabulous" or put it somewhere in website. Counter of happiness will explode 😊

@mr_glitch awww thank you!! We'll shoot for making the happyness counter explode 🥰

@charm if this was for python I’d use the UI for every of my projects. Sadly I don’t know anything about go (yet) :/

@ctm feel free to join our slack for Go tips if you want some help getting started! We think it's a great language to develop easy to distribute command line tools.

@charm So is python ;)

But thanks, I will come back to you if I decide to learn it!

@charm expecting more videos related to charm, bubbletea, lipgloss.
Keep the good work uo🔥

@charm Since you've launched a channel, why not sync it over to LBRY/Odysee? It's a lot better than proprietary YT platform and lots of tech and Linux channels are also there.

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