🔮 We just launched Wishlist, an SSH proxy and TUI directory! Wishlist is a single entrypoint to multiple SSH servers discovered from your .ssh/config or defined in a yaml. SSH into Wishlist and hop to the host of your choice. Happy surfing!

Give it a try on @caarlos0's SSH playground:

> ssh -p 2220

@charm Video description: a terminal session showing the application in use, demoing menu navigation, searching, and automatic delegation to pre-configured SSH authentication methods.

@charm Can't you just use tab or am I missing something?

@charm What advantages does this have over tmux or screen?

@isobel this separates auth from the accounts on the machine and allows for anonymous access. We're using for this and Soft Serve. So you can `ssh` and get access.

@charm I love the strength-through-diversity that the open source community provides but with sshd and ssh-copy-id I can access any of my servers without transmitting any passphrases. How does anonymous access help? I love that anyone can `git pull` my code and send me patches, but what is to stop "trolls" and malicious actors? Are you sacrificing accountability and security for "ease of use"?

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