💎 Gembro is a mouse-driven Gemini browser written in Bubble Tea. We loved it so much we made our own Gemini capsule.

Try ’em both!
gembro gemini://

@charm One more tool/project, and I'll start to think that you guys replaced sugar in your coffee with LSD. Awesome job! 😊

You should put a line of 3 backticks like this:


above and below your ascii art banner (for preformatted text), so that it renders correctly in Gemini browsers. :)

GOARCH=arm go build && scp ./gembro pi@raspberrypi:/home/pi/bin

@charm An idea why go build reports "gopher/gopher.go:91:15: undefined: io.ReadAll" ? (debian, golang meta package installed)

@scops @charm I believe you need Go 1.16 to build it (Guessing the Debian package is at 1.15.x).

iirc io.ReadAll is new to Go 1.16 in that it was moved over from the deprecated ioutil package.

@meowgorithm @charm yeah, it is 1.15.9 x.x. is there a repo with more current versions for debian bullseye/arm64?

@scops @charm afraid I'm not very up-to-date on the Debian ecosystem, but maybe Sid Unstable?

But actually, it's super easy to install Go 1.16 to build Gembro using your current Go:

go get
go1.16.1 download
go1.16.1 build

More info:

@meowgorithm @charm thanks! i've installed the official build from for linux/aarch64.

@charm if you don’t mind me asking, what is bubble tea? it seems cool!

@vidak @charm its a tui framework for golang
ive been using it for my media player app and its quite nice

@ibrokemypie @charm thanks, yo!!

I eventually started clicking around found some info on it 🤣😂

@charm ooh I like this. Though I mostly use a keyboard, it's always nice to see mouse-aware tui programs, especially when it comes to scrolling
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