Looks like we won’t be needing our tap anymore: Glow has been added to Homebrew core! You can now `brew install glow` to get glowing.


Oh, also, Glow 0.2 is out. Among other small improvements, you can now output to a pager via `-p`. 🎊

@charm best way to update the .Deb package is just download the latest one?


Until we're getting picked up and included by Debian, I'm afraid the answer is "yes" 😉

@charm Maybe I'll make glow the first repo I still to add to a distribution system

@dualhammers Be aware that go packaging in Debian is harder. You need to link dynamically with gcc-go and package all libs extra.

@dualhammers You're not allowed to link libraries statically, so you have to build with gcc-go, which is capable of it.

@glow Are you now also available on the command line?

@Toasterson ja u nid nume das o.O Versioniert hei si der @glow gad o no.

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