Do you love musl, runit and alternative package managers? If you answered yes to these questions you’re probably on Void Linux, in which case you can now install Glow with xbps!

xbps-install -S glow

CLI tools unite! The next version of `nnn` integrates `glow` for smooth markdown rendering out of the box:

Oh, also, Glow 0.2 is out. Among other small improvements, you can now output to a pager via `-p`. 🎊

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Looks like we won’t be needing our tap anymore: Glow has been added to Homebrew core! You can now `brew install glow` to get glowing.

Hi! We’re a group of open-source developers making the command line a friendlier place, one character at a time.

💁🏻 More info: `ssh`
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