🚶🏽 Nomad is a really cool container orchestration tool by HashiCorp and now you can manage it with a Bubble Tea app called Wander! Wander allows you to view jobs, allocations, tasks and logs all from a spiffy TUI. Worth checking out if you do devops.


🪄 Spruce up your command line apps with the tips in this awesome post. It's a really great discussion on what makes a good CLI tool ⌨️


🖱️ Did you know that Bubble Tea has mouse support? That's right, you can build clickable TUIs! Termdbms is a great example of a mouse driven CLI tool. It's also just generally great for navigating your dbs.


☁️ Hosting stuff in AWS? Check out the @AWSCloud Spot Interrupter, a new Bubble Tea tool that makes it easy to test interrupt notifications on spot instances. Spot instances are a great way to save money, so very cool! 🧹


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Today's recommended follows:

🌟 @charm - Creating free open source command line interface apps, libs and back ends

🌟 @hootalex - Artist making lovely wholesome art featuring birds

🌟 @maja.mielke - Photographer and scientist taking pictures of birds, plants and wildlife

🌟 @3DPrintingDad - Enthusiastic fan of 3D printing

🌟 @joewatsonillustration - Illustrator and designer with fantasy and surreal themes


⌨️ Quoting @fribbledom: "Is 108 wpm good?" Uh, yeah it is 😂 Test your typing skills with Typioca, a beautiful Bubble Tea typing tester for the terminal. 🧋


👾 Command line games? Yes please! Check out ThePrimeagen live streaming game dev with Bubble Tea 🧋


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Given the production values, I’m assuming they’re VC-funded but, regardless, @charm are doing some really interesting work in command-line apps via ssh (and all their stuff is open source).

Take the VC/corporate focus away for a second and their approach is actually very similar to that of the small web (ar.al/2020/08/07/what-is-the-s), only on the command-line and with ssh.

Lots to learn from their approach for making traditionally complicated things easier to use.



⚡📄 Tired of copying and pasting commands from markdown files? Give Pryrite a shot! It's a Glamour app that allows you to execute code blocks straight from a markdown file. Now you can treat your docs like a REPL 😎


⚡ To give Wishlist and Wish a try, just SSH to our hosted directory:

> ssh dir.charm.sh

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📜 Wishlist v0.5.0 will now live update connected sessions when endpoints change and has numerous bug fixes.


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💫 Wish v0.4.0 is a big update that has support for SSH certificates (yay!), rate limiting and better error handling.


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🎉 It's a Friday SSH app release party!

> ssh dir.charm.sh -t Confetti

🧋🐍 Check out Charming Cobras with Bubbletea - Part 1, an amazing new tutorial on how to build CLI apps with Bubble Tea, Cobra and Viper. Really cool to see so many great Bubble Tea tutorials coming from the community 🙏


🧊 Melt just got a fresh batch of command line love! Now you can pipe your keys in to generate a seed phrase and restore a key directly from standard in.

Grab the latest release to give it a spin.


🕸️ Do you have a REST API that you need to bang on? Check out Restish, a CLI tool for interacting with REST-ish HTTP APIs. It now features Glamour markdown rendering! 🌈


🚨 Hi everyone, we've discovered a critical vunerability that impacts `charm` self-hosters. Please update to v0.12.1 immediately. If you're not self-hosting, you are not impacted.

More details: github.com/charmbracelet/charm

Contact: vt100@charm.sh or charm.sh/slack

☁️ Are you on @Azure, but not using Terraform yet? Check out aztfy, a Bubble Tea app built by the Azure team to help you import your existing resources into Terraform. 🤘


🔬 Wonder what's going on with your network? Check out gosniff, an amazing Bubble Tea app for monitoring network traffic. Extremely useful!


📺 Ever wonder how to nest Bubble Tea models? Check out our new YouTube tutorial and as always hit us up if you have any questions!


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