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Charles Plessy

Now I am fully convinced that the 5′ #RNA cap is reverse-transcribed. Show more

I will be moving to (Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology) on August 1st, to join the Luscombe laboratory (Genomics and Regulatory Systems Unit). Expect more posts on marine creatures, although my core activities will still revolve around nucleic acids, genetic programs and free software.

The article also states: "Use of a software product incorporating such open source license requirements in a medical device may increase the risk that the medical device is disapproved by regulatory bodies due to being tamper-prone or otherwise unsafe."

Is that or did that happen at least once in the past ?

Bio-IT World published an article entitled "Open Source Pitfalls At The Biotechnology-High Technology Crossover" by Paul Liu (May 14, 2018)

In very brief, it reminds to people new to the field that open source softwares have licenses that vary in what they permit, and that one needs to be careful when combining software with different licenses. Key recommendations: monitoring, documentation, anticipation.

Major update of the CAGEr package for bioinformatics analysis of transcription start sites. Show more

Just registered to the European Research Night organised by and in on May 24.

The theme is "Open Science's Impact on Research Careers".

"Re-elected as Debian Project Leader", by Chris Lamb

Interesting... when replying to content-warning (CW) posts, the CW is sticky and has to be removed manually.

#Nanopore #protein #sequencing comes closer! Show more

#Nanopore #protein #sequencing comes closer! Show more

printers are tested before being shipped. When preparing for the first print, we saw a drop of plastic extruded from the print core, so we thought that we did it right. But it was only leftovers from the maker's test. Actually, we had completely misunderstood the instructions, and did not even insert the material filament in the bowden tube! Now problem solved! Thanks fbrc8's video for opening our eyes.

Small interfering RNAs based on huntingtin trinucleotide repeats are highly toxic to cancer cells. Show more

"Data notes" in "BMC Research Notes": a manuscript format sharing similar goals with the "Data descriptors" of "Scientific data".

The Center for Integrative Medical Sciences (IMS) is calling for applicants to its program:

The IMS applies interdisciplinary approaches which includes genome-wide medical science, immunology and physiology, bioinformatics, and molecular, biochemical and quantitative sciences.

Applicants must be distinguished international students in a Master's or Ph.D. course or young postdocs who received their Ph.D. within the last three years.

Open data has a source; this week's Policy Forum in Science reminds to respect it:

“researchers using open data should strive to conduct ethical studies relevant to local communities and return results to them”

Long version Show more

Sequencing genes by studying the population of !

Published in Nature Genetics today by Jagadeesan, ..., and Helgason from Genetics and the University of Iceland.