The domestic in Europe came from Near-East and Anatolia, but had most of its genes replaced by those of the local European wild , except for few exceptions such as the coat color MC1R. Whether this was intentional from the farmers or not is unknown. This is the result of a large collaboration study published in this week's issue of .

For many years, me and my colleagues have been improving scientific methods using intuition, trial-and-error, and iteration. But now, with computer-driven lab automation we can do better. Today we just sent to the repository our latest work on that topic:

The depot: 73 million scientific journal articles prepared for text mining in a 576-terabyte storage facility of the Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi, . Mankind's knowledge at the reach of AI. A very interesting article in this week:

Starting to learn the language. As a R programmer, I feel at home with Julia's paradigms for types, method dispatch, and data frames. Now let's see if it is a good replacement for shell scripts when they start to be more than one or two pages long.

RADICL-seq, a technology for analysis of chromatin-RNA interactions developed while I was working at , is out in !

See you tomorrow at the 13th International Workshop on Advanced () in . I will present a poster about our work in progress on extracting high-molecular weight DNA with a .

, the Okinawa Institute for Science and Technology Graduate University, ranks in a (size-normalised) top 10 list of academic institutions in the World, calculated by the journal:

The Do’s & Don’ts of Hyperlinks in Grant Applications 

We are a in the research unit where I am working, at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (). We are studying the genetic variations of a small animal called dioica. Its exceptionally compact (70 Mbp) may help us understand how to design a genome from scratch. OIST is an incredible place, diverse, pluridisciplinary and , inserted in a fantastic natural environment.

A single-chain was developed to bind and stabilise (histone proteins with wrapped on) by Zhou, collaborators and Zhang (Nature Communications, This allowed them make beautiful images of centromeric nucleosomes by cryo-electronic . (Screenshot from the paper licensed CC-BY 4.0)

I just discovered with horror in that the industrialised agriculture that produces oil kills millions of birds per year.

After 9 months at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology, I still find a sense of pride every time I start my day walking though its impressive tunnel gallery. OIST is growing and will soon reach a thousand employees. Still, it may have been a surprise to some that a labour was formed. From my point of view, this is consubstantial with growth. One of the union's founders had his contract not renewed. Please join me in supporting him by asking OIST to reinstate him.

The 13th International Workshop on Advanced () taking place in in June 25th~27th (this year 2019) has an interesting program covering genomic medicine, genome regulation, cancer genomics, chromatin structure, single cells, new technologies and genome editing. Don't be scared by the news message in Japanese on the front page, the whole meeting is in English.

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