Can we please stop proclaiming the end of the fediverse! Just because someone with ideas you don't agree with is joining the fediverse does not mean that the fediverse is over. It means its getting popular! If there's any danger to the fediverse, its the threat of censorship by oligarchs. Who want to silence the opinions they disagree with.

As well, dissenting opinions should help prevent echo chambers, amongst us as well as our newcomers. I value dissenting opinions, because at the very least, they help me understand my stance further, and what I'm up against.

In the end, if I want to not see dissenting opinions, and retreat into my echo chamber, then I have my feed for that. I generally don't follow people I disagree with. Unless you are on the global, you probably aren't going to even see their ramblings.

Mass Block and Mute is frivolous. Better to just NOT FOLLOW.

@charims Plus, we get to experience Olympic-level block-and-mute. Let’s get ready to mass-click! Gonna need a python script for this jobber! Wheeee!

@charims rare are the people who actually value diversity of opinions in the absolute. Almost universally, it's always valuing diversity within one's ingroup and its perifery, and a strong desire to keep the outgroup out of sight.

Promoting diversity in their own segregated group?
ooohh my :blobthinkingeyes:

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