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You wouldn't say

Mon-tah-nah would you.

the end game of the fediverse is when everyone has defederated from literally everyone else except just one or several other individuals

those person(s) are your soulmate(s)

Just thinking... Microsoft has been moving to a support agreement model for a while. That along with open sourcing several tools. I wonder if they are going to open source windows, especially since at least some of the source code is in the wild now.

If you make recommendations of privacy or security you are OBLIGATED to truthfully explain the trade-offs and limitations of your approach so that users can be informed before they put their LIFE and LIBERTY in the hands of your software

Privacy is not built on trust, it's built on MATH

Did a lot on the #mastocraft server today. With a friend today, we finished the gold farm, raided a bastion remnant, and collected tons of Blackstone so I can work on the piglin bartering station. #minecraft
Just had a really nice gaming session with an old friend. On the #mastocraft server. We conquered an ocean monument and setup our first conduit. #minecraft

The iron farm is producing well. I modified my overworld sweeper mob farm to stop collecting enderman and added a second floor. Now those pesky #enderman will stop teleporting around, and we really don't need any more ender pearls.

SenecaRocks is nearly done building the villager trading hall. Its looking fantastic.

Many more farms are planned. Stay tuned!

Tips to decrease a websites carbon footprint and increase accessibility 

Just wanted to share a few tips to decrease the carbon footprint of your website, and make it more accessible.

Ditch the JavaScript
Test you site with #NoScript
remove all the #JavaScript
Say no to JavaScript
Friends don't let friends JavaScript
Act like you are doing web design in 1985
Ditch the single-page portal to hell
Get rid of the javascript
Consider making a #staticsite #pelican #hugo #jekyll
If you can't make a website interactive without javascript, don't make it interactive. #flask

Hope you found these helpful.

The microG Project develops free open alternatives to Google's proprietary services in Android. They are now on the Fediverse, and you can follow them at:

➡️ @microg

Their website is at

The aim of the project is to allow freer android devices and apps to be made, by removing the need to use Google-controlled proprietary software.

#MicroG #Android #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #Smartphones #Google #Alternatives

Hey all, I'm moving to on my own hosted instance. Please feel free to follow me there.

Judge Urged To Release Documents About Google's Cellphone Tracking - Slashdot

Eight weeks ago Arizona's attorney general sued Google for allegedly deceiving users about when location data would be collected from their phones, tracking them without their clear consent. . Now an Arizona congressman and more than two dozen researchers from institutions including Yale, MIT, an...

Are you surprised that requested to keep them secret?

PSA: If you are using Nextcloud Deck, you should *not* update to the just published version 1.9.1 but wait for the next release 1.9.2.

v1.9.1 will break things:

oh fuck 

Just remembered there's a huge meeting with all the devs *and* testers tomorrow morning. It's booked in for over an hour.

Isn't there stuff in the Geneva Convention about collective punishment or something?

long post 

Interesting thought: many FOSS projects' leadership are often a very ephemeral concept defined by the list of people who currently have a vested interest in the project being maintained. Contributors swing by when they need something changed, and the maintainers review it if and when they have the time and need. If a contributor sticks around, shows some competence and earns some trust, then it's an easy task to make them a maintainer. It's also very easy to quit being a maintainer, just stop doing it as it stops being in your interest to be involved. A maintainer often needn't actually be a contributor, too. And if a contributor comes by wanting to make some changes, but there are no maintainers, it's a simple matter to fork the repo - and as more people come by the project and find the fork, it gradually replaces the original project, and everyone is happy. Sometimes the original maintainers become contributors to the new project.

Some people view this as a sign that a project is on life support, but I think this is a very healthy lifecycle for a project. Many of my own projects exhibit this behavior. With sway & wlroots, I'm hardly involved at all these days, just making the rare executive decisions when they need making, but the project is still chugging along thanks to the work of those who still have a vested interest in improving it. scdoc is "done", but I still use it and want it to remain simple, so I review patches from the occasional contributor but write effective no new code for it myself. Sourcehut on the other hand is still 99% written by me, but receives frequent contributions from all kinds, and some subsystems are maintained by !me. And I have basically nothing to do with aerc today, but it's still receiving new features all the time.

Taking a very flexible, informal approach to governance has been pretty rewarding in my experience.

@BalooUriza Oh I get your opinion, I just disagree with it, and this is not to do with people cutting me off, let them. I mute lots of accounts. But I don't #fediblock because that breaks the whole federation concept and creates internet ghettos.

The inability of the increasingly mainstream on both sides of politics to tolerate dissent is what got us to the incredibly polarised society we're in now.

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