I really need to get better at reading code. It takes ages for me to grasp basic concepts a lot of the time.

I never want to go back to the pre-container days. Everything is just better this way.

At least I know people will read the doc-

Yeah I'm not going to finish that 🙃

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This on top of also writing about 12 standard user-facing articles and planning to document something like 10 (undocumented!) API endpoints.

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I've nearly fully documented an entire APK in the last 2 weeks. That's 39 documents when you factor in the class reference documentation.


2021 was a big year for the Funkwhale project. Let’s take a look back over everything that happened!


Hey everyone! o/

A few months ago, we had a security audit of Funkwhale performed as part of our funding agreement. Due to the recent changes to our structure we've not had time to talk about it, so let's do that now!


I love Berlin. My life has improved dramatically since moving here. A lot of that has been conscious effort on my part, but the city definitely facilitated that change in mindset.

Well work have confirmed that I’m not going to be chucked out of the country before my residency meeting. That’s good.

Hey everyone! o/

Hot off the heels of the last release, we have some squashed some bugs to make everything run a little bit smoother. You can read more about Funkwhale 1.2.1 on our blog here: blog.funkwhale.audio/funkwhale

Happy upgrade!

Turns out you don't need to dump thousands of Euros into NFTs. You can make pixel art yourself with @krita or even commission people who are good at it to make whatever you like! Wild.

Hi everyone o/

After months of work we're pleased to announce the release of Funkwhale 1.2.0! This is one of our biggest releases ever, containing new features, bugfixes, enhancements, and a load of under-the-hood work to make using Funkwhale that much sweeter. Check out our announcement blog here: blog.funkwhale.audio/funkwhale

Happy upgrade!

Ich war gestern Geboosted! Jetzt kann ich Laternenpfähle lecken, oder?

Big phones are great for typing, but you do really miss the ability to do anything one-handed…

Testers and Translators, help us finishing our upcoming 1.2.0 Release of #Funkwhale! We tagged a release candidate yesterday, get all the details on our Blog: blog.funkwhale.audio/funkwhale

We are planning to move our Mastodon account to another server: #Fosstodon You can follow it now: @funkwhale

Boosts are very welcome :)

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