We're proud to announce the upcoming release of Funkwhale 1.1 around March 15.

For the first time in Funkwhale's history, this release was supervised and published entirely by Georg, a new maintainer of the project, instead of our usual @agateblue ;)

Georg has published the first release candidate today, and we encourage admins to give it a try and share their feedback so we can spot and correct bugs and regressions.

You can learn more about this release at blog.funkwhale.audio/~/Announc, and governance.funkwhale.audio/d/a will give you all the instructions to update and share your feedback.

Many, many thanks who to all the people who contributed to this release and to the project as a whole ❤️

Well, after months of searching, applying, and interviewing, I've given in my notice and have taken a job in Berlin.

! With any luck, I'll be posting this an hour earlier next year.

Picture of a dog 

Uh, hello to everyone who just followed me. I don't post much (and when I do it's usually just me being annoyed), so have a picture of my dog as compensation.

I honestly don't mind design flaws like this except from a company who boasts endlessly about "attention to detail".

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Speaking of shoddy design: all dialog boxes now come with a translucent background. This is great until you have a light colour in the background when using dark theme. Then the options are unreadable.

Good job, Apple. Really good job.

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And it's done. Total upgrade time (not including download) is 65 mins.

This is why I ditched my personal MacBook in 2012. It's literally unbearable day-to-day.

Also not being able to disable screen transition animations fully. Don't know if they ever fixed that but it's incredibly shoddy design work.

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(I can literally do no work until this comes back online).

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Honestly, this update process is unforgivably poor. I don't understand what could possible necessitate this many restarts.

Also, it's said "2 minutes remaining" for the last half hour. I'm now an hour in to the upgrade. This is just an XCode update. What in the actual fuck is this operating system?

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Ah yes, the 6 reboot upgrade cycle of macOS begins. Thank you, based Apple.

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Luckily my work has capitulated and I am getting a Linux machine tomorrow.

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Case and point: XCode update completely breaks the C compiler, meaning I can no longer work with Homebrew. Solution is to completely remove the XCode command-line tools to force a reinstall. This takes nearly an hour to install.

Then the next day another XCode update comes out. Despite saying the upgrade will take 2 mins, it takes over 40 mins. C compiler breaks again, remove and reinstall.

Rinse, repeat, throw computer out of window.

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There is nothing more aggravating than having to work on macOS.

Except maybe having to work on Windows.

This is fun: mattermost.com/blog/coordinate

I especially like this bit:

"The Go security team has chosen this path after determining that the encoding/xml package and its data structures were not designed to make safe round-trips possible. The new API allows them to lower developers’ expectations to a more manageable level, as the support for round-trips in the most problematic cases can be explicitly dropped."

tbh if I'm working with XML my expectations are already low.

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