Happy Wednesday, Funkwhalers!

We're currently auditing the #Funkwhale documentation and looking for spots that need updating, clarification, etc. to make it easier for people to contribute.

If anyone here would like to help look through docs.funkwhale.audio and/or contribute.funkwhale.audio and give us some feedback, that would be very appreciated!

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COVID-adjacent, ukpol 

Dear young people of the UK,

Old people ruined your lives with their idiotic right-wing views and bigotry towards things they don't understand. That much is true. But we are the ones spreading the virus by insisting on breaking the rules.

Don't be thick, don't get people sick.

Picture of a dog 

This little guy is coming to live with me this weekend

It's been over 6 years since I left Hong Kong.


Photos of a spider 

European giant house spiders are my least favourite thing to find indoors, but they look nice when moved to the garden.

Literally any git forge would be better than Bitbucket.

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I have to teach three people how to develop using git.


I'm not allowed to teach them using git-send-email, I have to use Bitbucket.


The new scrobbler funkwhale plugin works great, I'm quite happy with it!

I've redesigned the internals to use the API v2 of last.fm which is more reliable than their deprecated v1

CFO has officially informed the business of my move to integrations development. The clock is now ticking for them to back fill my position (which they should have done 8 months ago)

Funkwhale 1.0 - scrobbler plugin 

With the new plugin system, we'be bundled our first plugin, which allows you to scrobble to Last.fm and other compatible implementations (such as Listenbrainz).

Once the plugin is activated on the server (via the FUNKWHALE_PLUGINS=funkwhale_api.contrib.scrobbler env var), you can visit your user settings, click "Manage plugins" et voilà!

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Funkwhale 1.0 - translations 

New strings have been pushed to our weblate, meaning everything is ready to be translated too!

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PSA: forums are down 

The latest upgrade of our forum at governance.funkwhale.audio/ broke the whole installation.

We have opened an issue on the Loomio repository, but it could take a while before this is resolved, so don't hesitate to ping us here or on Matrix

Funkwhale 1.0 - first release candidate 

Funkwhale 1.0 first release candidate is here! 🎉

This is mostly a bugfix/enhancements release but there are a few interesting new features too!

- A brand new search page
- It's now possible to launch a scan from the UI
- Themes and language are now persisted accross sessions
- A new plugin system, with a scrobller plugin

The full changelog is available at dev.funkwhale.audio/funkwhale/

This releases requires python 3.6 or higher to run, so be sure to check your server before upgrading.

If everything goes smoothly, we intend to publish the final 1.0 release in a couple of weeks, around september 7th.

In the meantime, we'd really appreciate if you could test it and report any bug or issue!

Students shouldn't be forced to use Zoom, Skype, and other nasty proprietary software to access an education. Support their #UserFreedom: sign our petition! u.fsf.org/34d

Having not used GNOME for quite a while I've recently re-installed Fedora to give the latest release a go. What a glow-up! Everything is butter.

Email is ubiquitous and undoubtedly the single best communication system we have right now, but I still like receiving the in the mail.

One thing that GNOME Web has over Firefox: Turning reader mode on in GNOME Web doesn't completely break pulseaudio, whereas in FF you can expect crackling audio for quite a while.

This is probably pulseaudio's fault but eh 🤷

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