Acabamos de cambiar nuestro foro. Ahora funkwhale se habré a nuevas lenguas! Podréis encontrar la comunidad española por aquí:

#Funkwhale #Espanol #Spain #music #musica #podcast

I'm really looking forward to Fractal getting E2EE support. Really solid Matrix client.

Moved my main development machine back off Windows to Fedora.

Why did I ever leave?

We have a couple of bits of exciting news for you all 🎉

Firstly: we've moved to a new forum. Check out our announcement here:

The other bit of exciting news is that we've forked the excellent Otter app to bring development in house. The new Funkwhale for Android has been rebranded and is ready for new development. Check the announcement on the new forum here:

Anybody using tanukitunes, apologies for the extended downtime. I've rolled back to a working version, so everything should be up and running for now.

Woke up at 4:40 this morning with the sun streaming in through the window. Feels good.

Hello community!

We could use your help! If you are a #Funkwhale user and want to help us improving, here is what you can do. We have a list of Bug reports, which need to be reproduced. Thats quite easy: Read the report and test the steps, which are written down there. Than report back, if you experience the same behavior.

The list is available here:

You can simply add a Comment, you can report back here or in our Community-Spaces: (Please reference the issue number).

Thanks for your help!

Hi #funkwhale users 👋

We have a new release out 🎉 1.1.2 brings some quality of life improvements and small bugfixes to keep things running smoothly.

Please check out our blog post for more information on what’s changed!

Taking a job that doesn't involve writing code (as much) has made writing code a hell of a lot more fun.

Submitted my first ever invoice. I am now officially a contractor (at least until I can move out to Germany).

The fact that I know need to apply for residency in Germany because the UK loves to fuck itself up is irritating.

The fact that my company has agreed to pay any costs incurred is heartening.

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