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My lottery experiment failed. I am not a millionaire today. For the next stage of the experiment, I will invoke greed demons before purchasing a ticket

Feeling lucky today. Lottery jackpot is £184 million, so I'm doing a test in defying statistics and probability by buying my first ever lottery ticket.

During my vape breaks at work, I've been doing surveys for academic studies on

They pay pretty well for my time, over the last week I turned a little bit of down time into £45 towards my next vidya purchase

I do recommend, a better use of phone time than doomscrolling the news or looking at Star Trek memes

This weekends beer festival is great! I doubt I'll score all 115, nor all the 45 ciders

would it be better if we used low fructose corn syrup instead

May I present to you the most British McDonald's I've ever seen. I think it used to be a pub

Going on holiday to Butlins tomorrow. I get to see a live show of Mr Tumble! UK peeps will know!

Might have to take my HT and see if I can get on any of the local radio repeaters

I like to go on the federated timeline and randomly answer polls. Half of them I don't even speak the language.

There's an album called it, I suppose that's close enough...

Halal Cool J from First Word Records on Beatport

If there isn't a Muslim rapper called "Halal Cool J", there really should be

Well, I am definitely more text-based on my computer than I used to be. I upgraded to Debian 11 Bullseye several days ago, and only just noticed that it broke pulseaudio!

Googles "Android Auto for Phone Screens" is going to the abandoned project pile.

Which is a real shame, as that is one of the last legitimately useful phone apps. A good interface for my music/podcasts while driving, it will be sorely missed.

Nothing keeping me from going to a Google free LineageOS experience now

So, OnlyFans has decided to commit Tumblrcide. Why do these people hate money?

Upgrading to Bullseye wasn't too painful. It only really broke my NVIDIA Optimus setup and my fingerprint reader. I've got a script to rebuild DKMS to get my weird GPU setup working again, but trying to remember how I got the fingerprint reader working took more searching than it should have!

I really need to start using org-roam to keep notes on my more esoteric system changes!

I put a ¼wave ground plane antenna in my loft, hoping to improve signal when I'm inside. It does, but... It is not as good as my long handheld antenna if I'm in my garden, despite the additional height

Looks like I'll actually need to go onto the roof for a better antenna. Damn, I don't like ladders!

Time to upgrade my Debian install to Bullseye.

First the pandemic, then Debian Stable bumped up a version... These last few years have been a rollercoaster!

First successful ham contact tonight! Nice to know my equipment is working, even it here in the sticks!

First day back in the office in 18 months. The new boss demands our return to the office. I see no benefit, our teams productivity increased with remote working.
Now I have to spend lots on petrol and lose 90 minutes per day to the commute. It feels like a pay cut tbh.

Feeling very demotivated by it all, may be time to freshen up my CV

Got my callsign today, woop! M7GNG, time to get the kids out of my way so I can sit in the garden and see who I can reach!

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