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Time to sell my beloved Yamaha QY300. It is a hardware MIDI sequence that I haven't used for 3 years, and I am paring down my possessions. It is great, but hopefully someone who actually uses it will buy it!

"Arthur C Clarke's Mysterious World", but to the tune of Peter Andre's "Mysterious Girl"

I've said it before, and I *LOVE* Diagnosis Murder...

...but boy, do they have bad etiquette on the crime scene. Just touching everything and moving things before a photographer even arrives. All those murderers would walk free from court in real life!!!

I've really been enjoying the "Fear Street" movies on Netflix, which is strange because I am not a teenage girl.

As my first "project" with I have started work on a games master emulator, so you can play tabletop RPGs by yourself inside a text or file!

Still have lots to add to it, and to clean my code so it fits coding conventions a bit better (now I am starting to know what they are), but I'm enjoying making it! Link below to my blog post about it for anybody interested...

EmacsGME – Emacs Games Master Emulator – v0.1 Release - Quintendo

My "Solo Sci-Fi Sidekick" cards are now available on DriveThruCards!

Check them out if you're an RPG playing nerd, or know people who are!

I've been enjoying watching the football with my family, but it has been eating into my personal project time quite drastically.

A half- finished essay of a blog post, a half made demo video to edit, code to clean up...

I wish I could just ditch the full time job, but keep the income!!!

My dirty secret: whenever my baby son had his midnight feed, I'd watch an episode of Diagnosis Murder.

He's old enough to sleep through the night now, and I _still_ watch an episode of Diagnosis Murder at midnight every night.

I dread the day I've seen them all...

Idea for a bot: auto-replying "your welcome" to any post that says "thanks".

Grammatical error included, just for fun

My kickstarter may have failed, but my RPG cards are now available to purchase - although expensive. Cheaper option to come in the near future!

Kickstarter failed :(

But new avenues for Print-On-Demand mean I might still get my cards out to the public. Just with somewhat less profit hahah

I knew the kickstarter for my scifi RPG cards would be a push to get through (especially an untested designer with zero marketing skills or salesmanship), but I hoped I'd get closer than this!

Feel free to share with any RPG fans you know!!!

The last of the kittens went to their new forever home today. Gonna miss them, bit not gonna miss the destruction they caused to the house!!! The 2 year old child gives us enough of that!

I might even try and get the EmacsGME into when it's "compete" lol

Been doing more work on my GM emulator for roleplaying. is great, the way functions and data are interchangeable - because _everything_ is just an expression has really clicked with my brain.

I don't think it will replace python/bash for general purpose code I expect other people to run, but for personal projects or text manipulation it is probably my go-to language now. It bears repeating:-

(and -mode) has fundamentally changed how I interact with my computer

Quake is 25 years old. I feel like that fact has added 25 years to me.

My feelings on Lisp are mixed. On the one hand, it is clean and beautiful and powerful and can mix all sorts of ideas in a single line.

But o the other hand, all the parenthesis are giving me vertigo.

17 days into my kickstarter, and its only 7% funded. Guess I won't be getting my cards into production that way!!!

It's pretty fucked up imo that nobody has made a 4X/Grand Strategy game based on The Expanse yet.

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