@jackbaty yeah, but they all star Chris Pratt. So pick your poison!

I'm gonna keep posting this until one of you fucking boosts it

Busy afternoon making a slim jim antenna for 2m of of some ladder line. Quick test shows its working (across my house at last, but a wet string would probably work for that!)

Time to get out and hang out up a tree somewhere and see what kind of performance I can get out of it

My lottery experiment failed. I am not a millionaire today. For the next stage of the experiment, I will invoke greed demons before purchasing a ticket

Feeling lucky today. Lottery jackpot is £184 million, so I'm doing a test in defying statistics and probability by buying my first ever lottery ticket.

During my vape breaks at work, I've been doing surveys for academic studies on prolific.co

They pay pretty well for my time, over the last week I turned a little bit of down time into £45 towards my next vidya purchase

I do recommend, a better use of phone time than doomscrolling the news or looking at Star Trek memes

This weekends beer festival is great! I doubt I'll score all 115, nor all the 45 ciders

would it be better if we used low fructose corn syrup instead

@unlofl seriously, just find a bong maker! They can do anything with glass!

@jackbaty I've said it before and I'll say it again - learning to use emacs fundamentally changed how I interact with my computer

@xorowl but it was on life-support since birth, I
I don't think that counts as ever living

May I present to you the most British McDonald's I've ever seen. I think it used to be a pub

@MindOfJoe instead of "bingeing", it's more like "grazing"...

So graze-watching?

@david @selfsame this. I have been searching, but it's all club sandwiches. And I know I had the picture on my old dead phone...

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