@RL_Dane @alper this. If you like Debian, run Debian. I'm a happy Debian user

@jesselawson issue closed. Debug logs not attached. Please read CONTRIBUTING.MD before posting

Finally catching up on all my unread RSS articles after a busy month...

Looked at Sacha Chua's news, and there's a link to some of my own code there! Put a little smile on my face

sachachua.com is required reading if you wanna keep up with what's happening in the Emacs world

@pmakholm this entire thread just reminds me how much I love magit. I used to think I liked git, but I actually only tolerated it. Magit made me love it

@noha if you want to have variables with spaces you are a madman looking for troubles. What is so wrong with the humble underscore?


@specter speaking as a parent, I wholeheartedly endorse this message

We are the _worst_

@yakkoj always edit rotation in the gallery to update the exif data!

Big fan of this guy on the BBC funeral coverage, just wearing a black tie and football shirt

On TV was a show about costume mascots, and one of the performers kept referring to it as "skin work", which I found rather disturbing

@yngmar @fribbledom I came here to say this!

Phone: charged
Coffee: hot
*cracks knuckles*
Yeah, it's gamer time!

"The elites don't want you to know this, but the books at LibGen are free, you can take them home. I have 458 books."

@deshipu @Mek101 one thing I always wanted from the WiiU was a Dungeons & Dragons like multiplayer game. Players controlling a single adventurer each with normal controllers on the screen (possibly looking like Diablo/Gauntlet), whilst the player with the gamepad played as a DM, using their separate touch screen to control/spawn enemies, set traps, draw the dungeon layout etc.

It was the biggest missed opportunity for the whole system imo.

The British national anthem changed its pronouns and no one complained.

@jason_peper they interrupted Bargain Hunt! Don't they know that's a national institution!!! Oh, wait...

@specter I finally got their info after 12 hours of pestering them... Glad too, I was worried they were uninsured!

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