Busy afternoon making a slim jim antenna for 2m of of some ladder line. Quick test shows its working (across my house at last, but a wet string would probably work for that!)

Time to get out and hang out up a tree somewhere and see what kind of performance I can get out of it

This weekends beer festival is great! I doubt I'll score all 115, nor all the 45 ciders

May I present to you the most British McDonald's I've ever seen. I think it used to be a pub

I've got the exam for my Foundation Licence for amateur radio on Tuesday. I'm looking forward to hitting the PTT button and getting my callsign!

I've really been enjoying the "Fear Street" movies on Netflix, which is strange because I am not a teenage girl.

My "Solo Sci-Fi Sidekick" cards are now available on DriveThruCards!

Check them out if you're an RPG playing nerd, or know people who are!


My dirty secret: whenever my baby son had his midnight feed, I'd watch an episode of Diagnosis Murder.

He's old enough to sleep through the night now, and I _still_ watch an episode of Diagnosis Murder at midnight every night.

I dread the day I've seen them all...

Kickstarter failed :(

But new avenues for Print-On-Demand mean I might still get my cards out to the public. Just with somewhat less profit hahah

I knew the kickstarter for my scifi RPG cards would be a push to get through (especially an untested designer with zero marketing skills or salesmanship), but I hoped I'd get closer than this!

Feel free to share kickstarter.com/projects/categ with any RPG fans you know!!!

17 days into my kickstarter, and its only 7% funded. Guess I won't be getting my cards into production that way!!!

The more I see this meme, the more it resonates with my divine soul

My favourite part about cooking pizza is using the


Just enjoying my pile of kittens, will all be going to their new homes in the next 2 weeks :(

The kickstarter for my "Solo Sci-Fi Sidekick" cards for roleplayers is launching June 1st, check the blog post below for some details!

Announcing “Solo Sci-Fi Sidekick” – Quintendo

If you've never watched "Hey Duggee", then you have never experienced true joy

Here is the first deck of cards from the printer... Time to take some product photos tonight then!

Very busy weekend so far. New baby came home from the hospital, and 3 hours later my cat gave birth to 4 kittens. Lots of new life in the house, and my toddler is unsure about it.

This is really putting a dent into spare time for my current projects!

I like how the instructions for this prepackaged cat litter includes a step for "cat takes a dump"

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