build is coming together. Now has feet, rails, box controlling input, handles, and strap attachment points. Next up, attaching the 5inch touch screen.

Slow progress, but only really get to spend an hour or 2 a week on it, so not expecting it to be complete for a while!

Hard to get anything done with these little guys asking for some attention

A bit of Cyberdeck progress... Finally have a keyboard with handles, and 2020 extrusion bars on the front and back to attach the remaining hardware to (battery, screen, brains, etc)

My favourite part about WFH days is getting to run my 3D printer for 9 hours, whilst keeping an eye on it.

Today, I am on V3 of some parts for a Cyberdeck build I'm working on.

I wouldn't trust my printer to go this long while I'm 20 miles away at the office

My cat has had another litter of Kittens! Having little kittens in the house is always great

I finally have my Pi running from battery power, after many issues with the charger circuit. Now to wait for the other half to finish work so I can fire up the 3D printer - it's mean to do a 6 hour print in the room when she's working!

Well, my first Nomad Sculpt (posted yesterday) printed out OKish... The support material was horrible around the tentacles, fine some damage and some couldn't be removed. Can probably make it look pretty good with some painting though (this plastic is quite translucent so really hides any detail in the photo).

Biggest issue was scaling....l will need to investigate the settings in Nomad Sculpt, as the STL came out as only 1.2mm tall when I first loaded into the slicer!

I've been playing with Nomad Sculpt on Android, to make more "organic" models than I do with FreeCAD... Here is my first attempt at a model, a statue of some cthulhu-esque monster.

Came out ok-ish for a first attempt, will see how well I can print it tomorrow with my 3D printer

So I ripped some graphics from the old HHGTTG BBC TV show, and with the help of , my other half, and her , I've added a nice vinyl decal to my tablet case.

Now I'm expecting it will sell better than the Encyclopedia Gactica

This meme will be used as evidence against me during possible future divorce proceedings

RIP Madden. The '96 Dolphins served me well back on the Mega Drive

This picture is on the wall of my local pub, and it makes me angry.

The framer really fucked up the picture/frame/border ratio.

Whenever I complain they just laugh at me :(

Experimenting with "Blue Stuff" mold maker, to see if I can copy some helicopter minis for Battletech.

Busy afternoon making a slim jim antenna for 2m of of some ladder line. Quick test shows its working (across my house at last, but a wet string would probably work for that!)

Time to get out and hang out up a tree somewhere and see what kind of performance I can get out of it

This weekends beer festival is great! I doubt I'll score all 115, nor all the 45 ciders

May I present to you the most British McDonald's I've ever seen. I think it used to be a pub

I've got the exam for my Foundation Licence for amateur radio on Tuesday. I'm looking forward to hitting the PTT button and getting my callsign!

I've really been enjoying the "Fear Street" movies on Netflix, which is strange because I am not a teenage girl.

My "Solo Sci-Fi Sidekick" cards are now available on DriveThruCards!

Check them out if you're an RPG playing nerd, or know people who are!

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