I "enjoy" my job, but the wages aren't really covering my entire house and growing family anymore. Been talking to a firm about weekend work travelling internationally, which sounds much more exciting than my present role, even if it means time away from my boys.

But what surprised me was how guilty I'd feel talking to another company. If only my current role decided to give me a 30% pay rise, that would sort things out hahaha

@category I recently read there are people who will negotiate salary increases for you. I would consider this if ever I was in such a position: forced to choose to ask for a raise to stay in place (known) or find another employer (unknown).

@AMSmith1972 like forming a 1 person union! I imagine that to be an expensive service

@category Don't know how much it costs, but surely it would be a percentage of the pay rise they were able to successfully negotiate.

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