My cyclic love for BattleTech is peaking again, so I've been fixing up some old unseen plastic mechs from aeons ago. Waiting for some primer to come in the post, hopefully I'll get some time to paint up some miniatures again.

Is been a few years, and I was never a great painter - but it should be a relaxing way to spend a few evenings

@category I started playing BattleTech nearly 30 years ago and now regret having sold all my stuff and especially the nice unseen metal Mechs some years ago. *sigh*

@vvv I've never had a huge collection of miniatures, but I do have a huge collection of books, since discovering the game in 1996 or so. I've come close to selling them over the years, but can never let go.

The D&D, Classic Traveller, Games Workshop, Star Fleet Battles, GURPS books - they all went on ebay over the years. But never the Battletech!

@category I had lots of miniatures, metal as well as plastic, and loved painting them. Plus lots of source books and all the novels. A few years ago it all had to go because I hadn't played in years and needed the space. I kept a box set with rule books and maps, though, just in case 😆

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