4 months left until I have finished paying off my student loans. Only took 16 years!!!

@category I never made it to university. I was kicked out of grammar school at 16 for disruptive behaviour and that was the end of my education. Nine years later I owned a brand new Range Rover. And yes, I did drive it back to school at home time and gloated like fuck while teachers filed out to their shitty little cars. Childish? Yes, but I'd do it again tomorrow.

@TheThirdMan University for me was really a mistake - I choose a course based on a hobby rather than a career. Never got my degree, but did have a few years of fun being off my head on drugs, working in the radio studio, and playing gigs in a crackly punk rock band. Financially it was a poor choice, but the bits I can remember were good times!

@category If you can't remember much of it then it was probably worth it ;)

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