what's your text editor? pls boost

This meme will be used as evidence against me during possible future divorce proceedings

Now that Season 6 of The Expanse is almost all released, I've decided to rewatch the whole thing from the beginning.

Such a great show

I just installed Termux on my tablet, along with emacs.

Emacs with a touch keyboard is _wrong_

Merry Christmas UK friends! The Queen has allowed us to self certify sickness for 28 days!

Looks like I'll have January off then!

Taking sick leave - GOV.UK

RIP Madden. The '96 Dolphins served me well back on the Mega Drive

This picture is on the wall of my local pub, and it makes me angry.

The framer really fucked up the picture/frame/border ratio.

Whenever I complain they just laugh at me :(

Can I wirelessly charge my phone on an induction hob? :stallman_thaenkin:

Pretty sure I'm the only weeb at this ska concert wearing a Dragon Ball Z jumper

I decided to give Google Stadia a try, as you can have the first month of Pro for free, and an app recently launched for my TV so I could just use one of my Bluetooth controllers to try it out for nothing.

I'm really impressed with how well it performs, I thought lag would kill 4K game streaming, but it works almost prefecture on my 35Mbps connection.

Not such a big fan of their pricing model though - paying full price for games seems mad.

...and _instantly_ less classy now I'm scrubbing the carpet after knocking brandy glass over :blobpensive:

Feeling classy tonight. Enjoying a nice paté, a middling VSOP brandy, and watching some of the talks from

Experimenting with "Blue Stuff" mold maker, to see if I can copy some helicopter minis for Battletech.

Does anyone have any ideas how to move PDF layers between files? The problem:-

I have a PDF that is stored as images, but mostly writing
I ran it through PDF sandwich - this creates a PDF with searchable text via OCR, but it makes the source black and white and removes any pictures in the document.

How would I apply the hidden searchable OCR text layer from one PDF, onto the pure graphical ( it much prettier) source PDF?

Any ideas? Do I need to hack pdfsandwich myself? Boosts welcome!!!

I "enjoy" my job, but the wages aren't really covering my entire house and growing family anymore. Been talking to a firm about weekend work travelling internationally, which sounds much more exciting than my present role, even if it means time away from my boys.

But what surprised me was how guilty I'd feel talking to another company. If only my current role decided to give me a 30% pay rise, that would sort things out hahaha

Finally paid off my student loan! And it only took me to the age of 37!

Now I can pay off all my other more pressing debts...

My cyclic love for BattleTech is peaking again, so I've been fixing up some old unseen plastic mechs from aeons ago. Waiting for some primer to come in the post, hopefully I'll get some time to paint up some miniatures again.

Is been a few years, and I was never a great painter - but it should be a relaxing way to spend a few evenings

I'm gonna keep posting this until one of you fucking boosts it

Busy afternoon making a slim jim antenna for 2m of of some ladder line. Quick test shows its working (across my house at last, but a wet string would probably work for that!)

Time to get out and hang out up a tree somewhere and see what kind of performance I can get out of it

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