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Rack is such a wonderful piece of software. I just built a barebones server for static HTML files in no time.

I'll still be involved with Aixeta, the non-profit crowdfunding platform I've worked in for that past year and a half (amongst other client work). It's something I want to see in the world, it's far from being sustainable yet, so it will be my tech-activism. I'm happy to use my skills to create a tool that empowers the creative community!

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Guess who's the new Solutions Engineer at Localistico! Just getting onboarded, and super happy to be part of the team.

As part of the Solutions team I'll be working on bug fixes, support the product team with internal tools that automatize processes, client integrations…

I've been freelancing for the past 8 years, being parenting my top priority, and now I felt it was time for me to put more focus on my career too. After all, kids are growing and they need more and more food! ;-)

Why is "testing" always an advanced course in a series, should be taught from the beginning.

13 years ago, this catalan magazine was presenting Weblogs (Blogs) as a new, revolutionary way to communicate for social movements. As of today –and in fact since quite a few years already– blogs seem a thing from the past that have been sucked by (proprietary) social networks.

The fediverse is big. The map of the fediverse is starting to reflect that! now includes more server types!

Reclaiming #RSS, by @yogthos 🔗

Reclaiming RSS

To escape censorship by Big Social, all web sites and blogs should implement this one trick.

OMG, found it! Two days, it took. Been doing other stuff too, but two days… Turns out a test was disabling Webmock (a library used to prevent real HTTP requests), so all tests that run *after* this one could potentially fail. A classic order-dependent case, I guess ;-)

Minitest Bisect (by @zenspider) was a huge help debugging this! After a few bisections I found what the faulty file was. I don't know how many more hours it'd had taken without it.

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I'm starting to think about moving this from a model callback to a service object that's called in the controller's destroy action. In this case the API call is async, so wouldn't mean any performance improvement, so probably will give this a try because at least is a better architecture, IMO.

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It's one of those days… 4 hours spent (so far) debugging a weird issue with our test suite. A couple of tests pass if either their file or directory are run, but fail when the whole suite runs. It's a call to an external API that happens within a Rails model callback.

I just hope at least I learn something useful, or it'd be a terrible day from end to end.

Hey developers. In Ruby it's common to use a version manager. Is it common in Python too? I've found Pyenv, which is a port from Rbenv (Ruby version manager). Is it known/used in the community? Thanks!

Hey, folks! My company is looking for someone to come work with test automation, QA and the likes! We're based in Brussels and there's no option for remote, unfortunately!
If it interests you, check it out over here:

#job #jobs #emploi #jeRecrute #brussels #bruxelles

Anyone else see where President Trump attacked the internet in a speech today.
"We must shine light on the dark recesses of the internet and stop mass murders before they start."
"The internet, likewise, is used for human trafficking, illegal drug distribution, and so many other heinous crimes. The perils of the internet and social media cannot be ignored and will not be ignored."

It's almost like the 5 eyes are teaming up to further destroy privacy and our freedoms.

You have an account in a platform where users can have private conversations. When you delete your account, do you expect conversations to be:

Would you make someone else work as hard as you are working right now? Be kind to yourself.

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