Surveillance in an Era of Pandemic and Protest - A live chat with Naomi Klein, Shoshana Zuboff, and Simone Browne on September 21 (today) at 3 p.m. ET

Bookmarks in web browsers is such a great feature. I mean... wow. Really. Saves a lot of effort.

Howcome I had never realized?

Did you know that Belarus government has arrested 4 employees of PandaDoc after the CEO, a belarussian established in SF, has expressed solidarity with the protests against the government?

IT workers from around Belarus have launched a solidarity campaign.

In two days I'll know if the school starts or not, and under what conditions. If it doesn't, I need a plan ASAP or my mind will explode. Or I'll get used to it as I did since past march until holidays began 😬 🙃 💥 🕺

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Ah, gosh. First day of work + kids at home after a month (because holidays). I had forgotten how stressful and complicated it is!

First day at work after 15 days and my right wrist and forearm hurts as if I hadn't had any rest... Gosh, this is serious. Gotta keep practicing with the Ergodox to be able to work with it asap.

3rd day in a row using + configuring my Ergodox keyboard. Still super slow, making lots of typos and missing keys from time to time, but happy with the progress. One week ago I was even considering selling it, so glad I didn't.

Customization is the key, really. I'm spending a lot of time trying positions of keys to avoid as much finger stretching as possible. Also, thinking that maybe I picked switches that are too hard; we'll see.

Hello world! First toot from my Ergodox keyboard. This time I,m gonna make it! Where,s the apostrophe? Oh, here, with the interrigation mark '''''. Nice. Took 5 minutes to write this.

@gctaylor Awesome. Thanks for sharing! In fact, after I replied (or as I was replying) I noticed how I was putting lame excuses, and I went straight forward and spent some time configuring the layout and start getting used to it. This is probably the most important part, figure out what keys or combinations I use most and make it easy. I definitely have to make this wrist pain go away. Feeling excited! Let's see one week from now, hehehe.

@saramg Thank you very much! It helps to know from people actually using them.

@saramg It's been one month since this toot. How are you feeling about them? Any drawbacks? I'm considering getting ones because in the current situation (confinement, no school) there's always noise in the house and I can't really dedicate a room to just work. Are they comfortable, to wear them 6-8 hours a day? Do batteries last a full work day?

Of course, don't feel obligated to reply. Thanks!

@gctaylor I guess the key is what you say, knowing that this will be slow and I shouldn't expect to be using the Ergo until a few days or weeks of practice. Guess I could take it as a kind of game, I don't know. At the end of the day, this is primarly a health issue and shouldn't be postposing if forever.

@gctaylor To be honest, I don't think I have really *tried*. I basically plug the keyboard, try to remember where basic keys I need to even use the computer are (since they're blank, besides letters and some symbols), and 10 minutes after this I'm already tired and quit. On top of it, keyboard has US layout, which is an extra step. So well, basically I mentally collapse everytime I intend. Abundance of wires doesn't help either; just adds to the "mess" already in my mind.

Wow, something's going on in Heroku/Salesforce. Seems that a few (or many?) layoffs as part of some company rearrangement.

@carlesjove I think this is at least in part caused by the fact that Internet services don't necessarily need a lot of money to be sustained, at least at the beginning when they are still small and have few users. There is also the problem that business models that work at small sizes break at larger scales (and vice versa), and it's often very hard to predict up front how a thing will work once it grows — so you experiment with different ways of "monetizing" it once you get there.

Does anyone have a Kinesis Freestlye2 keyboard? Happy with it?

I got an Ergodox for my birthday and gosh, everytime I try to *learn* it I just quit. Same happened a while ago with a Kinesis Advantage. Been happy with my Microsoft Sculpt, though, but I'm looking for some more ergonomy without so much of a learning curve + time spent customizing. I know customization is the ultimate ergonomy, but hell, I'm so lazy on this...

@deshipu I like this view and in a way I think it's true, but no one would open a bar or a store without knowing what to sell, what to charge for. I feel that a lot of tech start-ups launch without knowing it; they know what service they will offer, but not what they will charge for or make money from. I don't have data either, just my personal experience and what the term "monetization" suggests to me.

Is "monetization" a term that is used in regular, physical businesses, or just tech start-ups? Because its use implies that making money is not part of the original plan, which is frankly absurd for a business.

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