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Someone once told me: you're always testing, always. Writing automate tests it's just a way to not having to (manually) test everything over and over again.

i think my brain is starting to malfunction from being exposed so often to stuff that just doesn't work or is broken or nobody knows what's going on.

i wish every now and then someone would get me in a call just to show me how wonderfully a piece of code works.

oh please, power of zen, come to me!

(one of these crazy days at work)

in tools like slack, i wish there was a practical way to mention someone without triggering an instant notification (without them needing to have notifications off, i mean), because there's a big difference between "i need you to see this" and "i need you to see this *right now*"

I'm not much into videogames, but this looks fun! Something I could do with my kids as a creative and learning experience

In every single pull request:
You say LGTM I read LGBTQIA+

Torna Full Stack Vallès!

Encara no hi he anat mai, però aquesta vegada 99% segur que sí

Rituals before a work videoconference:

- Put pants on
- Remove communist tshirt
- Grab coffee mug and put anything into it, just to look productive

I realize that one of the hardest things for me in programming has to do with my personality: feeling like an absolute dumb when dealing with stuff I don't know anything about. Like right now, I'm debugging something in a production ReactJS app and I don't even know where to start. And this, one day after the other, saddens me.

I need to do some work there, cause I don't want to feel like shit so often.

if i'm getting things right, all the hype about the new macbook pros is "hey, we've brought back stuff that we had removed! and we'll only charge a lot more for it!!!"

I think when people say "no, yeah," or, "no, I agree," in these cases, "no" means "shut up".

i think i just wrote the best email to a customer ever

medal for me 🎖️

thank you thank you

Working as asupport engineer is tough! I may not implement or write code very often, but I certainly have to read a lot of it and come across new stuff on a dalily basis that I have to analyze and debug. A lot of days I end up completely mentally exhausted.

A test that doesn't go through the red --> green steps is not a test, but a declaration of intentions.

Whether you start with writing a test (TDD) or writing the test afterwards, always see it fail without the change you did in the code.

@carlesjove this is a total shot in the dark, are your headphones also set as your audio input device?

Bluetooth headphones with the mic active switch into "telephone mode" with much much worse audio quality.

Gosh. I updated macOS to 11.5.2 yesterday and now iPods sound crappy… LIke the sound is going thru a tunnel or something. With Spotify it sounds weird but still decent, but with Music app I can barely hear the music even with max volume

I didn't expect that my question about a Python comprehension for yesterday would be so popular. I haven't checked the solutions that some people has sent yet, because I only wanted to know if it was possible or not in order to keep trying, but I've certainly found new interesting folks to follow!

Python pros, please:.

params = [{
'files': {
'a': {
'name': 'File A',
'b': {
'name': 'File B',
'files': {
'c': {
'name': 'File C',

I want: ['File A', 'File B', 'File C']

I did it like this:

files = []
for b in params:
files += [f['name'] for f in b['files'].values()]

My question is: can this be achieved in a comprehension?

Don't tell me how, please! Just a Yes or No.

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