what is this?
you ask
tear down your cheek
so sad inside

new line of javascript
i say
just copied it from stackoverflow

I hope you like it
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I've been using Ubuntu for 6 months now and I'm supper happy with it, though I must admit that I miss some UX/features from macOS. It's little things, nothing essential, so I think it's safe to say that I'm done with Apple. I still have a few devices, included the laptop in which I run Ubuntu, and won't replace them until they crash, but not buying their stuff again.

I want to try one or two more distros when I get the time, though: Debian and Elementary.

"The thing that we've found over the years is that our plan is always is wrong. Our plan for the design on paper never survives contact with reality"


Gosh. I haven't done CSS in a while, I'm looking at this CSS grid thing and I don't understand a thing! I think I'm gonna fallback to good ol' width %

Ok, great, but does it *always* have to scale?

How many active, personal Mastodon accounts do you have?

If 6 months ago someone had told me that even the largest multinationals manage most of their stuff in a goddamn spreadsheet I wouldn't have believed it. And yet...

Has anyone upgraded to Ubuntu 20.04? I'm thinking about doing it during this long weekend, but wondering if anyone's had issues.

I wish it was possible to remove oneself from email threads

Are you (or do you know) a senior Python developer? Looking for a full time job? If you're a max of 3 hours away from London's time zone, come work with me at Localistico!

(I'm not in charge of hiring, just sharing, but I may be able to answer quick questions if you have any. But if you're looking to apply follow the link in the post!)


If you're in Berlin (or wouldn't mind to move there) and know some basic programming in Ruby or JavaScript, Babbel has opened a paid, 6 month mentorship that could end up in a junior position.


One good thing of this coronavirus crisis is how many people is going to realize that they could have been doing their job remotely already but they didn't because of an old mindset. Spread the remote!

Finally got an Ergodox, but it's really gonna take a while to get used to it. First problem: computer is changing the default layout, so most of the keys other than letters don't even match the symbol. Given than I'll have to change the layout anyway to fit my needs it's probably no big deal, but yet another small step to take. Also, now I'm seeing that it would have been a good idea to get a set of white/coloured keys, because it's certainly going to be chaos after the layout change.

I am so platform agnostic as to find the sidetaking on things a little silly.

Linux is good
Windows is good
OSX is good
Mainframes are good

I mean right tool for the right job.

Libye : Une journaliste américaine réussit à filmer une vente aux enchères de migrants.

Note personnelle : On ne peut que remercier les Clinton, Sarkozy, Trudeau, Lavalin, ADP, SG et plein d'autres actes de corruption internationale majeur pour cela.


Unregulated use of facial recognition, with all data in some private company that nobody has auditioned so far. It's here. Police have been using it for months. They don't even know were all these images go.

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"Because the police upload photos of people they’re trying to identify, Clearview possesses a growing database of individuals who have attracted attention from law enforcement. The company also has the ability to manipulate the results that the police see. After the company realized I was asking officers to run my photo through the app, my face was flagged by Clearview’s systems and for a while showed no matches. When asked about this, Mr. Ton laughed and called it a “software bug.”


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