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Someone once told me: you're always testing, always. Writing automate tests it's just a way to not having to (manually) test everything over and over again.

Hey! At my job we're looking for:

- Python developer
- Ruby developer
- Frontend developer

All roles are senior as far as I know, though I think that as long as you've got some experience and are eager to learn it's fine. Must be a max of 3h away from CET.

We're a small team, and even if it's stressful at times we have our laughs too. The team rocks, really.

Well, I have tried different tips and turned them on and off a few times for comparison and yeah, it reduces some of the noise. I guess that I had imagined a performance that is maybe not even possible or that only earplugs can bring.

Anyway, this song is great:

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I just got a pair of AirPods Pro and the noise cancellation is not as good as I expected, judging by the good reviews/comments I had seen… I'm at my desk and I can hear the kids talking at the sofa 2/3 meters away. I imagined I would be in my own bubble, but no.

I try and try and try, but can't get to feel comfortable in the Ergodox keyboard… I've set the layout in a more or less convenient way but can't find a position that feels good. I spent an hour typing and now my right forearm is sore. Also, whomever designed it had large hands!

Someone once told me: you're always testing, always. Writing automate tests it's just a way to not having to (manually) test everything over and over again.

Sometimes I want to become the best software developer I can be. Sometimes I just want to throw the computer out the window and live like a deer.

My only after thought which I will improve next time, is that I should have added a distributor so that large accounts were equally spread in the processes, since out of the 20 some have finished hours ago, which means that all were small accounts. Better distribution of work load would have made it even faster.

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Yesterday I used Ruby threads for the first time. I had written a program that had to be run for ~250 accounts and running sequentially would take days (for large accounts, the process can last 12h). So I thought that was a good time to learn it and 1.30h later I had a wrapper around the main program and launched 20 parallel processes. Bit less than 24h later, almost all complete. Happy!

What about JSON Lines: are you using it?
I'm the middle of a task that has to process hundreds of thousands of records and store results in JSON for further processing, and of course it has crashed a couple times. I'm thinking about giving it a shot. In fact, the idea is so simple and yet so optimal… write on line at a time instead of storing in memory.

Trying to catch up with Advent of Code. Today started having a look at puzzle #5. Shit, after a few minutes I didn't even know where to start. When numbers kick in I can barely think… 🙃 It's in my genes or something, I don't know.

In 1h begins a stream conversation to discuss the future of Rust language financing. Most of the team (or all?) was fired from Mozilla some weeks ago.

I HATE THIS (Ruby 2.7.2)

> h = { "a": "aaaaaaa" }
=> { :a => "aaaaaaa" }

> h["a"]
=> nil

> h[:a]
=> "aaaaaaa"

Ah, shit. I was catching up with advent of code #3. Got first one correct, and second works with the example supplied but not with the exercise input… How can this be? Guess I'll have a look again tomorrow with fresh eyes.

Anyone working with Google My Business API:

Are you noticing failures updating/fetching statuses? We're having lots of reopening requests ignored or not being processed, and even seeing open locations in Maps being returned as temporarily closed in the API.

I don't have the energy for today. Will catch up tomorrow and/or during the weekend. Tired. Can't think no more today.

Whenever I have to do a code review I always start with reading the tests. I find it the best way to understand what is expected and from here read the code. If I don't understand what has been done from the tests, I have reasons to believe that this will be a problem in the future.

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