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Someone once told me: you're always testing, always. Writing automate tests it's just a way to not having to (manually) test everything over and over again.

The society needs cooks, so that people who can't or won't prepare their own food don't go hungry.

And yet, the most successful cooks are the ones whose food nobody can afford, you have to make reservation well in advance, wait a long time for preparation, and afterwards you are still hungry.

Meanwhile cooks that can create tasty and nutritious meals out of cheap substandard ingredients quickly and efficiently are shunned.

I think I'm over the "change fast, break often" phase of my career as a programmer. Next job's gotta be "things are good, we're just making them better".

Docker: because developers got tired of bugs where "it works on my machine"

i just want to be a dog but still be paid a programmer's salary

what's the name for the values that appear after "case" in a switch-case? I know the value that appears after switch (or match) is called a scrutinee, and I know Rust calls the values I'm talking about "patterns", but that sounds inappropriate for languages where they have to be simple values, like C.

I wish there was a formula that would say how many features you can sustainably build into an app based on the number of team members so that I could go back to my team and say "see? too many"

When the iPhone launched, all the cool apps were on the desktop, and you had to live with shitty web apps on your mobile.

Nowadays all the cool apps are on the mobiles, and you get shitty web apps for the desktop.

Fuck. It's Saturday, doing the laundry, and I'm hearing the Slack notification sound out of nowhere. Get out of my head!!!!!

Been in pyjamas all day, including work videoconference calls. You?

(In fact, in a videoconf with a customer one of the managers told them how great it is to be in pyjamas all day compared to having to dress for the office. The future is here!)

Thank you to all the Patrons for their help funding the hosting costs of! And an extra thank you to the following users:


Let's not forget our awesome moderator team, too:


I really appreciate the help & support. Have a great day everyone!

But I'm cleary missing something, cause I would put my hand very close to the fire (not into the fire, though) that I've launched a multi-threaded process… cause I was seeing parallel outputs.

Nevermind. Have to dig deeper. I think it's something that we could benefit of at work, but still not sure how multithreading works.

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"MRI has a Global Interpreter Lock, often called the GIL, and having a high level understanding of it is important to understanding how we write multi-threaded code in Ruby. Basically the GIL prevents multiple Ruby threads from executing at the same time. This means that no matter how many threads you spawn, and how many cores you have at your disposal, MRI will literally never be executing Ruby code in multiple threads concurrently."

🙃 Nice. I hope I knew that before.

I see that CDbaby still charges a one-time fee. Nice. A one-time fee makes sense.

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Is there any community oriented, non-profit digital music distributor?

Not that I need one right now, but back in the day I paid $10 do get my album distributed, which seemed fair, but I see that now a lot of platforms charge a monthly fee! Was thinking that this is maybe an area that can be explored.

Has anyone switched from Airflow to Prefect? Happy? Considering moving and will give it a shot with a test project, but would like to know how's it been in the real world for you :-)

Hey there! I'm just starting my own research, but asking in case anybody knows something already.

I'm looking for a web based tool/library/framework that can read any JSON collection and:

- Display it nicely
- Has basic search of either key/value (eg: "apple" in field "name")

Do you know anything like this?

I guess that it'd be easier if the data followed a certain spec (JSON-API, Collection+JSON, etc), but for now considering the rawest case.

Thanks in advance!

Anybody knows good writers that could join @protonmail ? (not my main field, but asking, just in case of)

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