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Someone once told me: you're always testing, always. Writing automate tests it's just a way to not having to (manually) test everything over and over again.

i'm sure there are cool, well intentioned and progressive people in the crypto currencies world, but whenever i search for info i just find folks talking about evading taxes, crypto X going to the moon (in US dollars, of course) and lovers of project X trashing about lovers of project Y.

can anybody point me to socially progressive (non-speculative, community building, minority empowering) projects?

(don't get me wrong: i like docker! i even like docker for mac, because that whale icon in the menu bar looks great)

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oh yeah, time to start the computer's fan, or as i like to say, launch docker for mac

video streaming platforms: i don't know how complex the problem is, but size of subtitles should be configurable

one of this times when writting the test is far way more involved than writting the fix. two hours and counting! the fix is 20 seconds.

i think i'll get back to it tomorrow with a fresh mind.

I just stumbled upon a Stackoverflow question askd by the CEO of Coinbase 9 years ago 🙃 By the date it seems as it probably was in the early development stage of Coinbase.

Anyway. Just a curiosity.

On the bright side, I'm putting more time on my music and I've started to play around with Ableton Live and electronic music. I've played guitar my entire life and write very quiet songs, and experimenting with electronica is keeping me creative and joyful too, which is in so high contrast with the way I feel about work/programming.

So well, even if I'm scared there's a part of me that it's hopeful too. In a dream, I find a way to mix programming (work) with music (passion) and it goes well.

Over the past year I've been increasingly experiencing burnout at work, which is leading me into a total lack of trust on my skills and a lack of appetite to learn. Once I loved programming, and now I feel that I'd rather do any kind of manual work that doesn't imply abstract thinking or touching a computer.

I'm strongly considering a three month hiatus and hope that things get better, but I'm scared. I have two kids and savings for 6-8 months tops. I feel vertigo.


any developer out there working in music related stuff? i'm looking to follow folks in this area :-)

– daddy, daddy, tell us a horror story!
– ok ok. so once upon a time, in a tech start up, there was a developer trying to focus, and then…

the only thing worse than a world without javascript frameworks is a world with javasccript frameworks

One of my favourite features of email is "turn it off".

If you’re on Mac, you have to switch to Linux. If you’re on Linux, try switching to Windows. And if you’re on Windows, better switch to Mac.

Hope this helps.

- Can we change the default of that field in the database?
- Yeah, will be a minute

(pulls latest version from repo, new dependencies build fails, docker compose breaks cause can't connect to blah blah blah. spends whole afternoon yelling at the computer)

If you're on Mac, beware of this when you upgrade to Monterey.

Control Center is using ports 5000 and 7000, which probably conflicts with apps you're developing, since they're comonly used. I myself struggled with this after upgrading.

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