Hey, so, anyone want to work with me? We're hiring a senior software engineer on my team!


They say not to deploy on Fridays, but nothing about Sundays. So… shipped!

Now aixeta.cat supports the new european SCA regulation. We're ready to handle all those bank payment declines from the apocalypsis.


Working in this app which most of its internals is dealing with Stripe payments, and I'm so glad that I used VCR for tests instead of stubbed requests. You only get to know what breaks from time to time by making real requests. I've fixed lots of stuff by just running tests that otherwise would have broke in production.

Submitted my talk for @LinuxAppSummit@twitter.com! See you all in Barcelona 😉

A lot of folks use the expression "Rails magic", as if Rails was doing some witchery stuff beyond human understanding.

But it's not.

Rails is just classes and methods, like any other Ruby program. Calling this "magic" makes it harder to understand that anything Rails does for you can be removed, changed or overwritten.

@fanta Yo sé de tres flipaos que montan Arcades 2.0 con #softwarelibre : programas y subes tus mierdas o las de los demás, y a jugar a lo grande :)

Monta una en tu pueblo @kim ;)

Another Network is Possible
- Indymedia defined an early era of networked protest — and showed us another way the web could work logicmag.io/bodies/another-net

Seriously considering buying an ErgoDox EZ keyboard. Health is first, and my wrist hurts too often even though I use a semi-ergonomic keyboard. Sometimes it has even affected my guitar playing.

I'm going to watch the review by Xavier Noria, who spends 20 minutes explaining his layout choice.


This is becoming quite common for me:

ERROR: Couldn't connect to Docker daemon. You might need to start Docker

I keep starting Dropbox instead of Docker 🙃

Imagine for a sec that money is not a problem (it is, but forget): what laptop other than Apple would you buy for software development?

PS: I'm considering 1) just having a laptop for work (currently I have a meh laptop and a nice desktop) and 2) leave Apple/macOS behind and switch to Linux.

I just released Sidekiq 6, Sidekiq Pro 5 and Sidekiq Enterprise 2. 🎉🎩


Will announce publicly on Monday so I can handle any bug reports this weekend.

I asked Steve (@docbaty) at the after-party last night if he thought my opening keynote at @UXAustralia would lose him sponsors next year. His response brought tears to my eyes. Be like Steve.

“So if people heard the message that you said, Aral, in your keynote and their response was ‘well I want nothing to do with that conference’, well in all honesty, fuck ‘em.” – @docbaty


(Shared with permission.)


I love a failing test, because it tells me what to fix. Embrace your tests!

If you're considering joining Code Academy, using this link will get us both a free month


Do you work in a company with let's say 15-50 developers? Do you have anything published on how to keep pull-requests and code reviews manageable?

"In May 2017 Tactical Tech and artist Joana Moll purchased 1 million online dating profiles for 136€ from USDate, a supposedly US-based company that trades in dating profiles from all over the globe"


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