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Someone once told me: you're always testing, always. Writing automate tests it's just a way to not having to (manually) test everything over and over again.

Anybody knows good writers that could join @protonmail ? (not my main field, but asking, just in case of)

#JeRecrute :D
ProtonMail is hiring, and a lot. Front-end, Back-end, QA, Copy, AdminSys, etc.

I've joined @protonmail 2 years ago, and this was the best move I did in all my career: great colleagues/challenges/achievements... and more important: giving sense to our jobs for an ethical mission.

Any questions on any position, don't be shy: ping me, feel free to ask. It always starts with a simple conversation, and it ends with super nice opportunities and achievements.

I like how the tutorial is written. Starting by doing everything the long way, to then show how the framework solves this for you so you can delete a bunch of code. It's risky, specially for impatient people who just want "the magic", but definitely a good way to highlight the convenience of the tool while showing the different layers it is made of.

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YNAB is looking for a full-stack developer. Rails (Ruby) + Ember (JavaScript) seems to be their thing.

I've been a YNAB user for years, so at least I can say that the product is great 🙂

(And for the record: I'm not saying barebones in a bad way, just as an observation)

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I'm following Django's tutorial step by step, since at work it's being used in a couple of our apps and I don't really know it. It's the first framework I learn since Ruby on Rails… 7 or 8 years ago? It's interesting to see how each one solves the common problems and the room they leave for creativity, or even how hard the conventions are enforced.
So far I'm feeling that Django is very barebones, but it could be a faux impression. We'll see!

(back to the tutorial, now)

macOS has a default folder for Downloads, Documents, Movies, Music and Pictures. But not Books. Why? 🤔

Today was a quiet day at work. Most customers are on holidays and half the company too, so I basically could program all day. Gosh, I really like it when I get to do it.

@carlesjove It's interesting seeing this. I have made a similar observation with a different conclusion:

Over the years I have learned there's so much more to software development than coding. Every week I'm discovering new facets of computing and the tech that surrounds us. It's fascinating. There's always something just around the corner to feed my curiosity.

That being said, I'm lucky enough to work with people who (so far) can share a laugh when I say that I don't know what the hell they're talking about.

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I don't know about you, but I feel that as a programmer there's more and more stuff I have to know about every year. Sometimes I'm more blocked by everything surrounding code (the containers, the vpn, the whatever thing this is i had never heard about before, the config of who knows what) than the code itself and what i'm trying to solve there. It's exhausting.

Friday is by far my less productive day of the week. Sometimes it's even better for me to stop trying and catch up on Saturday. Specially if I'm not blocking anyone else's work by leaving.

I think that's exactly what I'm going to do today. Right now.

(Now's when someone says "man, this is programming 101" and I'm like 🤷 )

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Yesterday I learnt that in Python, modules can be reloded at run time. Super useful when doing stuff in a repl while editing the code.

So imagine you have loaded a module

> from some.path import mymodule

And you have edited the code in mymodule but you don't want to start a new session and set everything up again. You do:

> import importlib
> imporlib.reload(mymodule)

and boom, the new version is loaded. How cool is that?

Ahhhhh… Nice. Green dot besides the red means that deployment fixed the bug.

Time to get drunker and not think about code until Monday.

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You're a team manager. Deployment Friday night went wrong and dev says "sorry, I was drunk". Watcha do?

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