Mastondon 2.5 has been released!

The additional work involved with maintaining a federated social networks is counterbalanced by the additional control we have over the quality of our communication.

Mastodon is better than Twitter: elevator pitch:

Will Mastodon's clout come from the quality of its user base?

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Chess over ActivityPub

The moves are public and easy to spectate.

P2P web browsing using the beaker browser and Dat protocol -

And..possibly a decentralized Twitter clone, Fritter:

Just wrote a little arpeggio using Sonic Pi -

Installation on Linux Mint 18 was simple: `sudo apt-get install sonic-pi` then allow jackd to be overlord of my audio card.

Hello World! 👋

I love web technologies and soon after reading about the ActivityPub protocol ( I decided to create a :mastodon: Mastodon account!

Mastodon for Tech Folks

This Mastodon instance is for people interested in technology. Discussions aren't limited to technology, because tech folks shouldn't be limited to technology either!