Well, dang. It’s been a rather fun weekend. There comes a point, one fun and productive start to be in the same thing. They only diverge slightly. LOL

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Imagine collecting phone numbers for something as simple as a social media account. Oops.


Quick question for jalcine@playvicious.social. Got the master branch of , but can't figure for the life of me how to compile on . Was going to see if I could give you a hand. Tips would be great.

Today’s been a little bit crazy. Wish I could say it was less boring. Spent most of it playing games. What else can I say.

I definitely want to try out activity desk, though. It sounds like a fantastic piece of software.

I still cannot believe I sent a message up here from the entirely wrong account. Doesn’t make me look very good. I’m still not sure what’s happening. Either way, things are getting a lot smoother.

Need evidently to still get LastPass on my phone. I have quit trying to bother with formulas anymore. that was nearly a detrament a moment ago.

Some time in the future people will look back at who confronted #defamation and #fsf and/or #mit pressure on #rms

The others might be 'rewarded' with malicious #proprietarysoftware jobs like #gafam but viewed as 'Judades' by the community

**Moscow rally draws 9,000 people: protest monitor**

"A Moscow rally to demand the release of protesters had drawn 9,000 people on Sunday as of 1200 GMT and more people were arriving, a Russian protest monitor, White Counter, said on Twitter. "


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These vices are the nature of human beings. This is the only way I see it. Even now, humans are still killing and fooling each other.

Apple watch is on my wrist, and I think it looks pretty damn good. I think I made the right decision by running Apple devices during the day. (I use Withings at night for sleep tracking.)

Hey @jalcine, I've been following lots of your projects. I like what you're doing, and I'm even thinking of experimenting with . I know it integrates with the Fediverse and other silos. Quick question, though. Does the self hosted version support various two-factor auth providers? I need to set up Duo on my personal web site. And does activityDesk work on Windows?

**Kremlin says it hopes U.S. won't release details of Putin-Trump calls**

"The Kremlin said on Friday that it hoped that Washington would not release confidential details of phone calls between President Vladimir Putin and his U.S. counterpart Donald Trump. "


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