can't wait to play with the iOS version of Indigenous with Mastodon, though, too.

You can take one domain down ... but another one will take it's place ... love the internet. If enough dedicated people are focused on a project, it will never ever fall no matter what happens.

Issue 644 of the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter is here! Covering the week of August 9 - 15, 2020

Having too much fun doing an entire buttload of nothing. Though I did make some PowerShell progress. Still don't understand the $This variable, though.

Project spotlight: data
Open COVID-19 Dataset

Available at:

GitHub link:


Via GitCom you can support open source and get rewards in return or monetize your open source project

#gitcom #github #gitlab #opensource #tech #development #monetization #platform

It's been forever since I have been up here ... hi. I should be here more often.

Haven’t done this in a while. How is everyone up here this morning?

I hope this isn't needed but just in case, this is what "quick filter bar" with "display all categories" means:

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neighbors wanted a hedgehog house

so I built them a hedgehog house

Do you use the notifications "quick filter bar" with "display all categories" enabled in the webapp?

Lol, I don’t know how to process people just sending me pictures of vegan food they bought in the store. Maybe it’s supposed to be flattering? I doubt it’s related to me because I don’t mention foods; I’m focused more of on the social and psychological features of animal consumption. (

Pretty much every single time I use ln -s I have to look up the order of parameters, and I assume I will absolutely never manage to memorize it.

You thought Majestic 12 was a shadowy conspiracy to take over the world, but no, they just run a web crawler.

Does anyone know about webhooks and Mastodon? I'm trying to find a connector that supports the posting of Mastodon posts based on keywords, users, and so on to a Microsoft Teams channel. If this needs to be developed, then I think I have a future project, but if not, link, please. Thanks.

It should make the summer all the more enjoyable. Who knows.

Still hoping for an end to this craziness. It’s about time our lives can continue.

102/366 #366Challenge #xp
It was rather pleasant for a jog this evening. Probably because there were almost no cars on the road. Even if it made their engines and music sound even louder than usual.

Just hanging out doing absolutely nothing on this evening before Easter.

Fluffy #birb.

(A #sparrow spotted on top of a light pole. I could *hear* it easily enough, but it took a while to spot it - and once I did, I was glad I had the zoom camera with me.)

#birds #iNaturalist
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