If it is public money, it should be public code as well. I support this call for more public code under a Free Software licence: publiccode.eu/

. When you wake up in the morning, wishful thinking that your arm was going to go back to what is considered normal for you. Apparently that wasn't planning on happening. giving it a rest before I have to go into work. That's going to be fun, especially when my performance manages to fall in the tank this week, which it probably will. At least my supervisor understands.

‘Did #Boeing executives know that there is a problem with 737 MAX and they covered it up?’


The idea that the internet should enjoy minimal government oversight precisely because it was a technology that enabled open and free speech for everyone has been turned on its head. #indieweb islandinthenet.com/sunday-pape

dun dun dun... ZZ9000 for #amiga, with ZZ9000CX not yet removed, ZYNQ not yet fitted, bracket not yet mounted

I can't wait until Peertube offers you the option to add more context to your profile, sort of like what YouTube does. I ought to be able to put a link to my site up there, for instance.

I was talking with my friend last night, and we had this interesting conversation regarding the ability of having presences on both centralized and decentralized services (he seriously needs an account either up here or on the instance we want to run together of Mastodon!) and we came to the conclusion that both are needed to support both freedom, as well as simply in light of market share. I think I convinced him to actually use his domain to contribute to the fediverse, though, which is awesome.

Morning all ... finally decided to get my ass back up here; need to fix my profile, though. I realized that I missed some stuff.

This is not pretty. I&#8217;ve been forgetting seemingly lots of things lately. Whether it&#8217;s a technical term I used to know what it means, or whether it was to check on something at work, more often, it&#8217;s taken folks several reminders before I remember. And what&#8217;s worse? Having to act like everything&#8217;s all good in &hellip; <a href="cambridgeport90.net/407-2/" class="more-link">Continue reading<span class="screen-reader-text"> ""</span></a> cambridgeport90.net/407-2/

Love how @sengi_app actually knows how to play PeerTube videos properly. One of the first Fediverse clients I've seen that does.

I should probably head upstairs for a bit; still have to take care of the laundry; regardless of the fact I definitely had too much fun last night.

I need to find the best third-party phone dialer for Android; had to get rid of the one I had; the actual phone interface was not at all accessible with Talkback; blocked my ability to pick up calls. Hence everyone thought I was ignoring them, probably.

Not sure what's going on here, but I woke up feeling fine from having a bit too much to drink last night. Not sure how I managed that, but need to watch the chili chocolate martinis next time.

Just testing @sengi_app; haven't figured out yet how the heck to swap accounts. Also, this thing needs sounds LOL.

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