That will be an interesting technology debate ... how on earth do communities deal with this? I could use some advice.

When you have two versions of a project being developed concurrently ... How on earth does one choose which to go with? Especially if they are from two different technology stacks, but can run on multiple operating systems?

After dinner ... my office smells like coriander now. Not quite sure how it travels that far. I don't mind at all.

Does EventViewer keep logs for universal apps? Sometimes you can find interesting things in there.

Well ... this is interesting. still having a problem with Rammel's ability to open built-in Windows 10 apps. Just tried with another one. Didn't work. The annoyance of the whole thing is the fact that there is no visible error message.

**U.S. condemns detention of Venezuela opposition leader Guaido's uncle**

"The U.S. State Department on Saturday condemned the detention of Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido's uncle as politically motivated and demanded his immediate release. "

#news #bot

Does anybody know how to pick up the PeerTube torrent links so that Webtorrent Desktop client can talk to it? I know you can talk to web sites with it, but I have tried PeerTube links just to seed my favourites, and I keep getting an error that no torrents are found on the URL.

Prior to that, though, need to finish building up Sirius; I could do that through either PowerShell direct or through Windows Admin Center, if I had a template, that is.

I would like to do an OpenManage screen cast; there are a couple newer things in there, and I want to show them off for you guys.

One of the things that gets me? Dianda's been up and available to me for weeks, but the person assisting me forgot to tell me whether or not the IP has changed. Hopefully it hasn't, though trying to reach her admin share by name is impossible for the time being.

Spent the morning doing reading almost all of the Revised Report on the Propagator Model

The propagator model is so cool. The main problem I have with it is I can't figure out a good reason to use it. An automated storyteller, maybe? I guess math problems? I've thought "maybe some kind of assistant" but don't have it really pinned down what and how that would be.

I just had to laminate this to preserve it

I found this ad in a book I got from a thrift store

it's from 1992

If you could choose people from Mastodon to be your neighbours in your street/apartment block, who would you choose? Fill a street!

If I had to do any serious editing like blurring frames, I'd have called in the sighties already by now, so I guess it doesn't matter too much.

Found a temporary solution to my video problem. I can just use Shotcut to export the videos as MP4 after combining them together. Wish the app was more accessible, nor do I know why the default photo/video editor app won't stay open on . Anyone else recognize that?

**Chinese tourist in France becomes first to die in Europe of coronavirus**

"An 80-year-old Chinese tourist infected with the coronavirus has died in France, the first fatality in Europe and the fourth outside mainland China from an epidemic that has shut Chinese factories, curbed trave…"

#news #bot

I will give you my blog activitypub account as soon as I reinstall Wordpress; seemingly the only way to fix the disintigration that's happening.

So, welcome to my new followers. My goal over the next couple months is to get more on Mastodon rather than Twitter. Twitter is blowing up while the fediverse is stagnating. That bothers me.

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