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This brown Whalebird theme feels like Pownce.

Apple lameness 

Every time I unplug this Apple MacBook Pro from the Apple display... So tired of resizing windows. Also, Whalebird doesn't appear to support image descriptions?

conference rant 

Saturday conferences reduce the legitimacy of the profession, IMO. Also says the content isn’t worth a company’s time. Annnnd, who wants to work hard all week just to jump in to professional work topics on Saturday?

5th day in a row of the neighbors mowing their lawn.

Rather than spend a couple hours to mow the entire lawn, the neighbors have resorted to mowing for 20 minutes each day for the last 4 days. This is quickly going to become unsustainable.

Nextdoor is slowly setting themselves up for a major pivot to premier dating site.

I guess I figured it out. When notifications don't have the "Clear all" option, lock the phone, unlock the phone, pull down notifications panel and the Clear all option should be available. That seems too simple not to have figured out long ago. Also dumb that I have to jump through those hoops.

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The iOS notifications screen experience drives me insane. I just want to clear all my notifications, but that option is only available once the notifications are flagged as "Earlier today." Can't figure out the algorithm to force them into that state.

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My browser bookmarks are a shambles. I have stuff going back to the days of Netscape. Too many "Imported Bookmarks" folders to keep track of.

There is a restaurant franchise in Middle Tennessee named Toot's

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