The story isn’t that Amazon sent Alexa recordings to the wrong customer, the story is that Amazon records and stores seemingly ALL the audio that Alexa can hear.

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@tommasz Back in the day, IE commanded a large portion of the Mac browser market. We’ll see if they can create a compelling experience.

@jbjorkang there’s probably a better word, but that’s close. Some combination of nostalgia, serenity, and excitement all at the same time.

@tommasz Right on. I have a homebrew version running on an iPad in the kitchen. It shows traffic on a Google map, weather, and a camera image from a
remote raspberry pi. Wish I had known about MagicMirror at the time.

@tommasz Nice. Are you doing the actual two-way mirror setup? Looks appealing from some of the photos out there.

On the upside, this SSD is super fast. Can’t believe I lived with that slow old hard drive for so long. KDE Neon looks great. Lots of nice little touches. This is my first time using KDE in 10+ years. It’s completely different.

Countless reinstalls and repartitions later, finally have KDE Neon and Windows 10 dual booting on the new SSD. Not sure why the Neon installer is so limited compared to Ubuntu. Automatic detection of Windows Boot Manager is non existent on Neon.

I have a new SSD waiting to be installed in my desktop gaming/Linux/remote work rig. Replacing an old Western Digital Green HD. That old WD is sloooooooow. Can't wait to see the difference.

Still not a fan of ventless gas fireplaces. Feels potentially dangerous should the unit malfunction. Nothing beats the look, smell, and sound of real burning wood. Although, this is a lot easier to maintain.

This Ventless gas log unit is 23 years old. 😬 Today I disconnected, disassembled, and deep cleaned the unit and walls. Also scrubbed layers and layers of soot off the logs. We’ve lived in the house for 4 years. Prior to cleaning, running this thing stunk and caused my eyes to burn. Now it seems to be good as new!

@ashfurrow Bugger, Basher, (Buggr, Bashr), Roach Motel, Fly Trap, Ointment, Raid, Zapper, DDT, Bugster...

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