On the upside, this SSD is super fast. Can’t believe I lived with that slow old hard drive for so long. KDE Neon looks great. Lots of nice little touches. This is my first time using KDE in 10+ years. It’s completely different. mastodon.technology/media/yc8S mastodon.technology/media/6iAL

This Ventless gas log unit is 23 years old. 😬 Today I disconnected, disassembled, and deep cleaned the unit and walls. Also scrubbed layers and layers of soot off the logs. We’ve lived in the house for 4 years. Prior to cleaning, running this thing stunk and caused my eyes to burn. Now it seems to be good as new! mastodon.technology/media/7_Or

More interesting than baseball is the fact that networks/stations are still transmitting 720p HDTV. This is essentially half the visual information compared to 1080i/1080p. /shrug mastodon.technology/media/YmJ8

I don’t know why I’m watching baseball. Couldn’t name a single player on either team. Haven’t paid attention to MLB in 15 years since the Marlins won in 2003. mastodon.technology/media/c2tq

Apple lameness 

Every time I unplug this Apple MacBook Pro from the Apple display... So tired of resizing windows. Also, Whalebird doesn't appear to support image descriptions?

Nextdoor is slowly setting themselves up for a major pivot to premier dating site.

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