Spent three hours across two sessions this weekend reading documentation, experimenting, and searching the web for a programming solution that in the end only required a single line of code to change.

I often wonder if a formal education in computer science would alleiviate those long periods of hunt and peck learning.

Gentoo complaints 

I'm done with Gentoo. Constantly getting manifest verification mismatches when syncing. When that does work, simple emerge -p world breaks i3/X, creates circular dependencies, and the list goes on.

It's a shame because Gentoo is a great lightweight option for older hardware like i386 and PPC. (Not sure there are any other 32-bit PPC options left.) Used to be rock solid back in the day. Not sure what's happened the last several years. 😞

The most surprising thing about eating fresh veggies straight from the garden is always how warm they are when taking that first bite.

It can't be overstated how many hours web developers spent trying to bend IE to some semblance of standards compliance. The years in which IE6-9 reigned were rife with frustration across the community of developers championing web standards. .

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Still can't believe IE is really officially sunset. It's been a non-issue for several years, but seeing that news yesterday was such a relief. arstechnica.com/gadgets/2022/0

Running a MacOS 9 era IRC client on the old PowerBook G3 because why not?

I'm writing about Yoshi Sodeoka, a contemporary artist considered to be one of the earliest artists to merge art and the internet. He art directed Word Magazine back in the mid 1990s. sodeoka.com/

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Sitting down to crank out another 350 words for my 1,200 word Art History paper that's due in a couple weeks.

Everyone checking in on their Mastodon account.

The story isn’t that Amazon sent Alexa recordings to the wrong customer, the story is that Amazon records and stores seemingly ALL the audio that Alexa can hear.

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On the upside, this SSD is super fast. Can’t believe I lived with that slow old hard drive for so long. KDE Neon looks great. Lots of nice little touches. This is my first time using KDE in 10+ years. It’s completely different. mastodon.technology/media/yc8S mastodon.technology/media/6iAL

Countless reinstalls and repartitions later, finally have KDE Neon and Windows 10 dual booting on the new SSD. Not sure why the Neon installer is so limited compared to Ubuntu. Automatic detection of Windows Boot Manager is non existent on Neon.

I have a new SSD waiting to be installed in my desktop gaming/Linux/remote work rig. Replacing an old Western Digital Green HD. That old WD is sloooooooow. Can't wait to see the difference.

Still not a fan of ventless gas fireplaces. Feels potentially dangerous should the unit malfunction. Nothing beats the look, smell, and sound of real burning wood. Although, this is a lot easier to maintain.

This Ventless gas log unit is 23 years old. 😬 Today I disconnected, disassembled, and deep cleaned the unit and walls. Also scrubbed layers and layers of soot off the logs. We’ve lived in the house for 4 years. Prior to cleaning, running this thing stunk and caused my eyes to burn. Now it seems to be good as new! mastodon.technology/media/7_Or

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