@caffeine Great news! Now the question is, can I be bothered to migrate my personal site's repo to GitHub?

@mikebabb I hear you. But shouldn't be too hard.

1) Create repo on GitHub
2) Change remote of project
3) git push


@caffeine Yeah, I once did a mass migration of repos from Bitbucket to GitHub at an old job. It's not a lengthy process, more a question of whether I really gain anything from migrating tiny personal repos that I'm not collaborating with anyone on 🤷‍♂️

Either way, free private repos are good! 🎉

@caffeine And I started paying for them just a few months back ... DAMN YOU GITHUB

@digitalbaboon Well, think about what you can buy now with all these savings 😂

@caffeine I could pay for _insert_another_subscription_service_. Probably less useful one than this. Probably also bit more expensive than this.

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