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There have been some updates since 2018: I now live in the beautiful 🌳 in Rhineland-Palatinate and I have two dogs 🐕 🐕.

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Since I've been on Mastodon for about a month now I think it's time for an :

I'm a from the / area in North Rhine-Westphalia, 🇩🇪. I develop 🤖 apps. I like electronic music 🎶, movies 🎥 and TV shows 📺. I have a dog 🐕 and a few cats 🐈. I like (pristine) nature 🌳. Did I miss something? 🤔 Just ask me!

My colleague discovered a date-based bug in a unit test which only occurs when executed on Sundays. This bug hid in the project for your years. I guess this is a good sign because it means I don't (have to) work on weekends 😉

It seems that many programs and macOS itself don't use the user profile property which points to the location of the user's home folder but build the path by concatenating "/Users" and the username, just ignoring the value of the home folder property. I just changed the username but kept the folder path as is and many programs lost their settings. Only when I changed the folder name too in system settings and renamed it via Finder did the programs work again. So why the separate properties anyway?

You know you’re in for a good time when the only search result for the programming problem you’re wrestling is a stack overflow post from two years ago with the latest reply being, “has anybody figured this out yet?”

Recent card payment problems (contains link to Birdsite) 

Germany is, when a card payment terminal with an EOL of 2018 is still used and installed at many businesses.

JetBrains is testing out a completely new UI overhall for IntelliJ + fam. This is planned to eventually come to Android Studio as well (the mocks I've seen are beautiful), so if you use IntelliJ the Android team would love for you to try it out and get your feedback!


The whole and 1.6.20+ thing is becoming more annoying every day. There is still no Compose version 1.1 that supports Kotlin 1.6.20+. Can't use Compose 1.2 beta b/c this is a production app. There is no Kotlin 1.6.10 plugin for Android Studio Chipmunk but the 1.6.21 plugin shows me errors in 1.6.10 code which however compiles fine.

Ich glaube das ist diese nette Kritik, von der auch Marcel als ein Teil in seiner Begründung zur Beendigung der Entwicklung von FairEmail genannt hat: :blobcatthink:

This talk is great. Covers lots of details, really thorough, even some nice refactoring tricks! I never thought of using “extract method” to hoist state.


I learned the hard way that when working with (on ), never trust the data you are receiving via snapshot listeners. You might get stale data first (even months or years old!) which is not in the current format you're expecting. Parsing this data should be error-tolerant.

Looking forward to eco-friendly routes being deployed in Europe this year

🤩 #GoogleIO is just 24 hours away!
We're so excited, we're seeing I/O everywhere. ℹ️🪄🧿
If you haven't registered yet, there's still time. Sign up here to make sure you don't miss a beat →
Nat Dao ✌️: @googledevs Just a lil mid-day snack 😋


Um 19 Uhr beginnt Googles I/O-Keynote. Zu sehen ist sie im Stream. Neben Garanten wie Android 13 könnte auch die Pixel Watch und das Pixel 6a gezeigt werden.
Google I/O heute: Pixel Watch, Android 13 und Pixel 6a

I was today years old when I learned that selecting text and then pasting from clipboard (⌘+V), converts the selected text to a hyperlink in Slack and GitHub if the clipboard contains a URL 😱

I consciously still use the older generations of these devices with AA batteries and bought them secondhand on eBay.

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I will never understand why went from replaceable AA batteries in their Magic Keyboard / Mouse / Trackpad to built-in, non-replaceable batteries 🤦🏼‍♂️ This was such a bad idea, especially environmental-wise! I can replace, empty, rechargeable AA batteries immediately and when they are faulty I dispose of them properly and buy new ones. But if a built-in battery is broken, the whole device needs to be repaired or you have to buy a new one.

Das "make a deal" Cashback-Programm möchte die Logindaten (!!) zu meinem Bankkonto haben inkl. der Einwilligung für den "Zugriff auf meine gesamten Transaktionsdaten [...] einschließlich der darin enthaltenen besonderen Kategorien personenbezogener Daten". Nein Danke!!

Still waiting for a 1.1.x version that supports 1.6.20+. The hard dependency on a specific Kotlin version is the only issue I have with Compose.

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