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I've not been working on MeowCat the last few days as I've been working on my other website for the European Election What would your solution be?

@Gargron Ha! I forgot all about that... been too busy faffing around with web server deployments :-(

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As a project, Pleroma seems to be doing all of the things Diaspora should have done years ago.

* Good collaboration between many different individual contributors

* Coherent goals for what direction the project should go in

* Regular updates and improvements that usually don't break everything

* Heavily invests in architectural improvements and early optimizations

* Regularly evaluates what sets of APIs and features to support

* Tests federation between different platforms to debug issues

* Constantly thinks about how fediverse communication apps can be better
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@gudenau How do I make that so the writing on it is big enough to read? They are certainly valid Unicode characters.

@dansup I'm doing MeowCat, which is (roughly) a Wordpress or Medium replacement, with added wikis. (To start with; later on I plan muuuuuch more functionality).

Should I include emoji support in MeowCat? Ideally, give reasons. They should also lock up the police and authorities who have made it so that you can use swatting as a method of assassination. But they won't.

Because you're developing pleroma and I want to keep in touch with what is happening in the Fediverse as I am also developing Fediverse software (MeowCat). MeowCat includes RSS support, fwiw.

@rysiek I agree. This is very sinister. Google wants to control it all.

One of the long-term goals of my MeowCat project is to be a fully open source and secure alternative to email.

cabalamat boosted I don't think it will, because anything that grows the Fediverse helps the whole ecosystem.

How do you see Pleroma's functionality and features being different from Mastodon's?

@dansup Where is this ActivityPub Guide? I will soon be implementing ActivityPub on my MeowCat software

@dansup They should also allow people to tick multiple options.

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