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Someone made a "face depixelizer" that turn a low-res pic of a face into a high-res one and of course the first thing they did is try it out with Doomguy and honestly that's pretty impressive but also hilarious

@fribbledom my criteria for a distro are (1) does it run xfce? and (2) is it popular? That's why i use xubuntu.

@xorowl You could always divide by 10 and double it. In practice what seems to happen is people round up to the nearest fiver and that's the tip. or someone might pay by card.

Percentages aren't algebra. Nor is arithmetic.

@xorowl Algebra a basic life skill? I imagine many get through their whole lives without doing it. The concepts are good for programming and many turn their hand to simple programming these days (e.g. excel)

@cabalamat I think school in the UK at least has a bias against teaching people practical stuff and towards teachnig theoretical/academic stuff instead.

@xorowl I didn't learn any of the things you listed either. They did teach me a fair bit of maths and science which was useful i suppose.

Having said that I've only once used calculus in my life after school.

@the100rabh In the long term i would like to see most people running their social media from a Pi attached to their home internet connection.

@xorowl True for some kids, I expect others got useful things from school. Some people need a more structured learning environment than others.

@jasomux "Can you show me how?" really means "Will you do it for me while I pretend to care?"

hahaha. yes.

@Argus I will say one good thing about : it has a better user interface than default . (At least, i personally prefer it. I find Mastodon's multiple columns confusing. YMMV)

@cabalamat If Trump was sensible he could mandate that all social media use and similar protocols.

@cabalamat I want a fediverse where all users on it are equal, with the same rights. Not one where we have digital overlords e.g. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

I'd like to see any user being able to set up a fact-checking service (e.g. using the tad ), and any other user to subscribe to whatever fact-checking serves they want to.

I also think that curation/blocklists should happen the same way.

I will be very surprised if anything comes from this.

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Hello fediverse!

We decided to have an account here to share updates about our work on project hosting federation. And this is the first post :)

There are various independent projects related to project federation; the one I'm working on is based on ActivityPub, with some extra bits and extensions. And I'm excited about it!

Comments on our posts here are very welcome! We have a Discourse forum too, and IRC channels (which can be accessed via Matrix too!).

See you in the next posts :)


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Do the simple thing first.

Rapidly prototyping new features and existing ones allowed us to focus on user experience first.

As the UI matures, we have been refactoring old code to prepare for full federation, mobile apis and real time updates.

What started out as 2 lines of code that powered Timelines has grown to over 80 lines and will soon grow even larger as we aim to reduce load times for these important API endpoints.

#pixeldev #pixelfed
Pixelfed TimelineController fro…
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Using a fan-out on write approach and in-memory sorted set for the Notifications experiment has reduced the http request load time from seconds to milliseconds on

This is very encouraging, I look forward to doing a new experiment with the Public Timeline later this week. #pixelfed #pixeldev #pixelfedLabs

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